Poll: How do you feel about Lambert’s return to Norwich?

Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert has tried to play down his return to Carrow Road tomorrow night.

The 43-year-old will return to Norfolk for tomorrow's Capital One Cup quarter-final for the first time since his departure to join the midlands club.

Speaking ahead of the clash, the Scot said he wouldn't be surprised if the reaction of some Norwich fans is unfavourable, although there was little hostility towards him when the sides met at Villa Park in October.

But he believes having played for Celtic, and the reaction that prompted from Rangers fans, will stand him in good stead for any flak tomorrow evening.

He said: 'It's a hard one to call whether they want to do that (give me stick) or not.

'You would like to think that the sensible ones would maybe think 'you've done all right'. But I know you might get stick.

'You'll probably hear it. But listen, I was at a club for eight years that half the city hated (Glasgow).

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'I still get it to this day when I get home. You can still get the odd shout in the city centre - and I retired from playing about 15 years ago.

'When you have been involved in that, then you can handle anything.

'I really don't know what to expect but it's not something I'm actually too fazed about.'

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