Paul Lambert - Norwich City will not spend big in the summer

Paul Lambert will not be splashing big money around this summer should Norwich remain in the Premier League.

The City chief knows access to top-flight millions in both television revenue and prize money has the power to dramatically improve the club's balance sheet. Lambert is also well aware the parlous situation he inherited with the club languishing in League One. The Norwich manager is prepared to resist any temptation to make a major dent in another tranche of Premier League income to bolster his squad when he goes into the close season transfer market.

'I don't think people should get carried away by how much money we have got,' he said. 'We haven't got that money people might think. It is hard. The club was in a lot of debt at the time when we got here. I'm pretty sure it still has a small amount of debt left to pay so I certainly don't see we will have as much to spend as what others think. We'll wait and see.

'I'll add to it. The club needs players to come, to make it stronger and to keep growing. We have done unbelievable in the three years that I have been here. It has been nothing but a rise in the club's fortunes, both financial, and in the way it has gone (on the field). Hopefully other players will come to the football club, but a lot will depend on finances.'

Lambert today again pledged to put Premier League safety before the futures of his playing staff who might be out of contract in the summer.

The Scot is sticking to his survival formula, despite City moving onto 39 points with last week's win over Wolves.

'At the minute, nothing is happening,' he said. 'This club has to get stronger every year and when it's all done and dusted I will sit with the lads and tell them what I think and make decisions from there. It's the same it has always been. No-one gets carried away or too down when things don't go our way, so I certainly don't want to try and change anybody's mood if we can help it.

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'I have said before that mathematically it is not finished. We have given ourselves a good lead and we are playing well. I know it might be boring nonsense, but that is the way I perceive it. You just don't know. I have been in football long enough to know that it is the most unpredictable game in sport that people play.'