Former Norwich City star now gives keynote speeches to global brands

Paul McVeigh at NCFC legends match at Carrow Road. Picture: Ian Burt

Paul McVeigh at NCFC legends match at Carrow Road. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

A former Norwich City player is now using his masters in sports psychology to deliver speeches to global brands such as Barclays and Cisco.

Paul McVeigh, who made 215 appearances for the Canaries, retired from the professional game in 2010 and since then has been focusing on a career as a keynotes speaker.

The 40-year-old, who first got interested in psychology after reading a book by self-help guru Tony Robbins, delivers speeches on how focusing on the mental aspect of personality can help performance.

'I was always open to the possibility of doing something different,' McVeigh told The Sun. 'So if I was doing something like that, hopefully that was going to give me an added edge, an added advantage.

'I'm only 4ft-nothing, physically I'm not going to knock anyone off the ball, I was never the quickest player in the team.

'Technically I was OK but never the best player in any of the teams I ever played in.

'So my one edge was my mentality and my mindset.

'I thought if I can outsmart people that will be my one advantage.

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'I'm not going to out-strengthen them, I'm not going to outrun them - I've got to outsmart them.'

McVeigh, who scored 36 goals during his time at Carrow Road, is one of the only former Premier League players doing keynotes speaking but believes there is a big market for it.

'There's a lot of rugby players and Olympians, mountaineers and explorers,' he added. 'There are loads of people who do this for a living, it's just there is a really, really short supply of people from a football background.

'Football is the No 1 sport in the country and the world, I played in the Premier League and have some stories to tell.

'People aren't necessarily going to know me, as my profile is not that high, but as soon as I put a photo of me playing against Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford, straight away people buy into it.'

During his professional career McVeigh also played for Tottenham Hotspur, Burnley and Luton Town and made 20 appearances for Northern Ireland.