Norwich City striker Simeon Jackson is living the Premier League dream

Simeon Jackson never had any doubt he could cut it at Premier League level.

The Canadian's goal spree towards the end of last season carried the Canaries to a second consecutive promotion success and completed a personal journey which has taken in five divisions of English football.

Jackson has now made 17 Premier League appearances but ahead of this weekend's trip to Newcastle the 24-year-old insisted the time for reflection can wait.

'It's amazing but it's been rapid so you don't really get time to think about it,' he said. 'You just focus on the next game and the next game. You have to continuously adjust and adapt and keep on improving and that's what I've done and that's what I'm going to continue to do and hopefully stay at this level.

'It's massive. It's the best league to play in, in the world - certainly. I'm getting a taste of it and I'm enjoying every minute of it. You start off with a dream that you do want to play in the Premier League at the highest level, and along the way you do have doubts now and again whether you're going to do it or not. It's just something I'm enjoying and want to keep on improving and stay at this level. You have to keep working hard and showing what you can do and when you do get your chance eventually you have to take it when you get it.'

Jackson is under no illusions the cut throat nature of Premier League football dictates he tries to impress Paul Lambert at every opportunity.

'You have to be ready for it and hungry for it and when it comes, just take it,' he said. 'It's something when you've been dreaming about and you want to play in it that bad, when you get there you can't shy away from it. You have to kick on and keep going. It's been good to get out there and get some games and I hope I can keep that going. Everyone's been doing well, we've been doing well as a team and it's hard to get in the side when everyone is doing well. When you're in it, you have to stay in it, so I'm looking to do that.

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'We go out there knowing that we have certain ways that we play. For different teams we take different approaches, so it's something everyone is used to now and when you're called upon, you make sure you're ready.'

Jackson's learning curve this campaign has brought him into close proximity with the likes of John Terry and Rio Ferdinand. A first-ever trip to Newcastle marks another memorable milestone.

'It's a massive league with higher quality and something you have to get used to,' he said. 'There are loads of little things, but as a striker you just try to focus on scoring goals and it doesn't really matter who you are playing against. It's definitely a tough game. I think it will be a lot different to the one we played at home because they were struggling at the time. It's a totally different beast. It will be very tough for us, but we're going to go up there and try to get a result. That's the same for every game in this league, to be honest. I've never been there myself but it's definitely one that will stand out. There are 10 games to go and a lot of points to play for so we definitely have to stay on our toes and make sure we get the job done.'