Norwich City striker Grant Holt in talks over his future

Grant Holt and his agent have met with Norwich City chief executive David McNally this afternoon in an attempt to 'resolve' their differences.

Grant Holt and his agent have met with Norwich City chief executive David McNally this afternoon in an attempt to 'resolve' their differences.

Holt's agent, Lee Payne, told BBC Radio Norfolk on Monday morning that Holt's shock transfer requested, which was put in on Friday and immediately rejected by the club, was not prompted by a row over wages.

Payne said other issues had arisen 'in the past couple of months' which had prompted Holt's decision, but said the 31-year-old striker, a three-time Player of the Season with City, did not want to leave the club.

It remains unclear just what is behind Holt's decision, but City fans will be hoping that a resolution can be found to persuade the man who has become a cult hero at Carrow Road to stay.

'In respect to the football club and David McNally we have a meeting at 4pm this afternoon and hopefully we'll be trying to resolve matters,' said Payne.

'It's been a difficult few days really. It's not a decision Grant has made overnight. It's something that has been ongoing for a little while now.

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'He loves the club. He loves the fans. I think the fans love him. He's had a tremendous three years at the club and he just feels it was a decision that he had no other choice to make at this stage.

'Grant is 31 years old and I've been looking after him for nine years. It's not like I have just jumped on his bandwagon the last 12 months. He is a mature, intelligent young man. He can speak for himself and it's a decision he felt he had to make, and I'm standing with him 100pc on it because there have been some things that have gone on that we feel are not right.

'That is what we are going to resolve with David McNally.'

Payne was also keen to state Holt wants to remain at Norwich City player – as well as feeling the reaction of some supporters to the City skipper's transfer request has been unfair.

Holt's agent added: 'Why would he not want to stay? His family is here. He's had a tremendous time at the club, he is adored by lots of the fans.

'But things have to be done correctly and professionally and Grant just feels over the last couple of months some comments have been made and things have been said which have been very unfair. And if they ever come out in the wash, I'm sure everybody will understand why he did what he did.

'It's not all about money. Obviously money comes into the scenario – it always does in football and I think players like to feel like they are being valued and being respected. There are a couple of issues Grant is not happy with and I think he feels that needs resolving.

'You never know what's going on in someone's heart and in someone's mind. He is a fantastic professional, he doesn't make decisions like that (transfer request) on a whim.

'I felt it was only fair to speak up and say something because I've heard some comments that people have been making over the weekend and I think it's very unfair when you are throwing out accusations and speculating on things when you don't know what's going on.

'Maybe if some of this comes out in the wash then I think people will understand why he did what he did. But David McNally is a very experienced professional man as well and I would like to think when people come together with a professional mind, there is no reason why we can't sit down like adults and gentlemen and try to resolve this situation we are in at the moment.'