Norwich City fans will go the Premier League distance

Norwich City's most dedicated travelling fans will spend more than six full days on the road next season as they follow the Canaries in the Premier League.

City fans face treks totalling more than 7,300 miles, which will cost them upwards of �1,000 – and that's before they start paying for away tickets and food.

The longest haul will be the 621-mile round trip to south Wales to take on Swansea, who came up with City last season, while the shortest journey is to north London to see City play at Tottenham, a mere 221 miles there and back.

City's short hauls have disappeared with East Anglian derby hostilities against Ipswich Town on hold thanks to City's promotion– this will be just the fourth time since the Premier League's inaugural season in 1992-93 that City don't have a fixture against any of the region's teams.

While there are fewer teams in the top flight - 20 compared to 24 in the Championship and Leagues one and Two – the average away trip for City fans will be more than it was in League One and more than it was in the Championship last season.

The League One campaign covered 8,222 miles all told, from Yeovil in the west, to Tranmere in the north-west. Last season's successful Championship campaign took supporters on a 7,894 mile adventure, with Swansea again leading the way as the most far-flung trip.

Last season the road signs headed in all sorts of directions: there were three visits to the capital, nine trips north, four to the Midlands, three west, one south, one in East Anglia and two Home Counties.

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This season there are another nine trips north, to the footballing hotbeds of Lancashire and the north-east, with five in London, four in the Midlands and this time just one west – to Swansea.

Fans who take in all 19 away grounds will cover a total of 7,353.8 miles – that's an average round trip of 387 miles. It'll take 149.5 hours, give or take a few minutes, and the average family car will need just under 184 gallons of fuel, which will set you back �1,128.84.

City fans will discover just where they are heading on day one of the new campaign – August 13 – when the fixtures are released at 9am on June 17, and it's then that calculations of the monthly budget can begin.

Not all clubs have revealed their away ticket prices, but 'horror stories' are beginning to emerge – QPR will charge between �47 and �57

The dedication of City fans drew praise from Malcolm Clarke, chairman of the Football Supporters Federation and supporter representative on the FA Council.

'Away fans are the football industry's best customers but are often treated the worst,' he said.

'Canaries fans will travel thousands of miles next season to support their team in the Premier League, and will find that they have to pay some high prices, particularly in London.

'Games will be moved far more often than was the case in the Championship. Because of Norwich's location, there will be some very long days – but it will be worth it, because there is nothing quite like the excitement and emotion of getting behind your team.

'The football industry relies on the commitment and dedication of the match-going fans, without whom there would be no professional game and no TV product.

'Football fans have a unique, emotional, life-long relationship with their club. Often that loyalty is abused by the football industry through higher prices and poor treatment of fans, and a failure to listen to their views. Players, owners and managers come and go, but we the fans, are always there.

'Speaking as a Stoke fan, I am looking forward to going back to Carrow Road, and the welcoming City of Norwich, despite the long journey. I hope the pork and cider pies are still available and if Delia can give us a rendition of 'let's be having you' – the heartfelt cry of a true fan – so much the better.'