Norwich City's new code of conduct for fans: the key points

Fans return to Carrow Road for the first time since December before the Pre-season friendly match at

Fans return to Carrow Road for the first time since December before the Pre-season friendly match at Carrow Road against Gillingham - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Saturday is set to be a momentous occasion for Norwich City fans, with Carrow Road at full capacity for the first time for almost 18 months.

Yesterday, the Canaries unveiled details on just what this will look like, with a raft of changes made.

And to create the safest possible environment, the club has also set out a new code of conduct for fans to abide by attending games.

Here are some of the main points of this code:

If you have Covid-19 symptoms: stay away

An obvious, but vitally important part of the conduct states that anybody suffering from Covid symptoms - including high temperature, loss of smell, taste or a new continuous cough -must stay away. 

If when you are at the game you begin to feel unwell, alert a steward.

If you have tested positive or are self-isolating: do not attend

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Likewise, if you are under a period of self-isolation, have tested positive yourself, or have been 'pinged' by the NHS Test and Trace app - do not attend.

Prepare for your Covid status to be checked

While the club has confirmed there will be no Covid status checks for the Liverpool game, the Premier League has indicated these are highly likely going forward.

The code says fans must: "comply with all club Covid certification requirements which are in place for the relevant match. This may include an ID check and a requirement for an NHS Covid pass check."

You MUST bring a face covering

In the club's official guidance, it strongly recommends fans wear face coverings in all indoor parts of the ground.

The code of conduct takes this a step further, saying fans must bring one, if they are over the age of 11, as an expectation.

But you don't have to wear them in your seat

The code of conduct goes on to say that once fans are in their seat, masks are not required and their use will be left to personal choice.

Avoid any unnecessary close contact

The code asks fans to be respectful of the personal space of fellow fans. 

It says: "You should avoid hugs, high-fives and any unnecessary close contact with people who are not known to you.

Avoid 'excessive' singing and shouting

While fans are in no way prohibited from cheering the team on, the conduct warns against 'excessive' singing.

It says: "Be respectful to others in your vicinity taking a responsible reproach to others, particularly those in close proximity, including avoiding excessive shouting/singing/celebrations as that increases the risk of transmission of Covid-19."

You can bring hand sanitiser - but in a small bottle

Supporters are urged to be thorough with their personal hygiene and are encouraged to bring hand sanitiser with them - in bottles no larger than 50ml.

No large gatherings outside the stadium

The conduct says: "You must not gather outside of the stadium before or after the match in a way that breaches instructions of stewards or other club staff."

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