Norwich City captain Holt loves it when supporters have a go

AUDIO: Grant Holt has come in for some stick in recent weeks – but while he takes it with a smile from opposition supporters, he reckons it's time rival managers quit moaning.

Holt has been criticised by two managers – Sheffield United's then caretaker boss John Carver and QPR's Neil Warnock – in recent weeks, both accusing him of trying to con referees.

But while Holt laps up the terrace abuse, he's less happy with what is thrown his way by managers in post-match Press conferences.

'I'm sure you wouldn't have heard it from either of them if they had won the game,' said the City skipper.

The now departed Carver was angry at a penalty decision that went in Holt's favour during a 4-2 City win at Carrow Road last month – an incident ex-Blades boss Warnock referred to on New Year's Day after his leaders were beaten 1-0 and had a player sent off after an incident involving Holt.

'It's not me,' said Holt. 'It's the referee, it's someone else's job.

'I don't know about the referee last week, but how he never saw that was a penalty against Cardiff I will never know – but it's swings and roundabouts.

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'You get some and some you don't. If we'd got the one we should have got last week we would probably have gone on to win the game in my opinion, but we didn't.

'That's football, decisions are made, and all these people who keep going on about technology and playbacks –if they want to take all the fun out of football they will. And these managers keep moaning about this that and the other – I'm sure if Neil Warnock's player goes down next week when it isn't a penalty he won't moan.

'There are three men who are there to make decisions. We've had decisions against us this year – the sending off at Reading was never a sending off.

'We have had things that have gone against us, but you get rub of the green sometimes and sometimes you don't.'

The game against the Blades ended with 'mass confrontation' between the players which led to two Blades players being suspended – one for a red card, another for improper conduct – and both clubs being fined by the FA.

But while Holt isn't expecting the Battle of Bramall Lane, he knows the fans won't forget.

'I think sometimes once the game has gone you kind of forget about what has gone on on the pitch, you are more disappointed about getting beat – it doesn't matter in what manner and what went off,' he said.

'I think obviously we will get a little bit of stick, you always do, and I will probably get a little bit more because I don't know if they will remember or not I played at Sheffield Wednesday – I don't think the Sheffield Wednesday fans knew I was there.

'It is a hard place to go, they have good fans and a good support and I am sure they will get on our backs. We never worry about that anyway. We've been to places that are hostile – you go to Cardiff, Swansea, teams like that and you get abuse and you get stick. Some people don't like it – I love it. It doesn't really bother me.

'You've got to enjoy it. I always got told if someone is shouting your name or someone is shouting abuse there is obviously a reason.

'Normally it's in the dressing room because people don't like us, but when it comes to fans you just laugh – you are obviously doing something to wind them up.

'If at the end I can laugh and smile and walk off and we've won I don't really care.'

The job is to silence those fans – and give City's travelling army something to shout about.

'They've got a new manager installed and they will be looking to win, especially at home,' Holt added.

'They are a very vocal crowd up there and it is up to us to go and silence them and we are going with the belief that we can get the three points and if we play anywhere near what we have in the last few weeks we will.

'We always go to win away from home, we never go to sit in. The manager says to us that away all he wants is three points and we always go for it.

'You can see this year that we are strong on the road and we have got a squad which believes we can go up there and keep that away record going. Coming here from Shrewsbury you hear things and how good our fans are.

'I have been fortunate, I've been to some good clubs where you get great support and you get that every week.

'They come and follow you – I know as well as anyone else how far Norwich is from anywhere, and for them to go there for four hours every week, which is the standard, it is fantastic.'