Norwich City boss Chris Hughton set to pursue European targets

Norwich City will cast their net abroad in the search for fresh signings under their new boss, according to club chairman Alan Bowkett.

Bowkett said the appointment of Chris Hughton as manager and the return of Ewan Chester as chief scout would help the Canaries step up their overseas pursuit of players.

'I think we need to think a little more internationally now, and with Chris's background we will be able to do that,' said Bowkett.

'I am delighted that Ewan is joining us again, who was a great advocate of young talent when he was with Paul Lambert previously and we would expect to cast our net out a little wider than heretofore.

'We have picked the low-hanging fruit, and I think Paul recognised that as well and, to be fair to him, he was preparing to look at wider horizons as well.'

Hughton brought Ivory Coast international Cheick Tiot� and French star Hatem Ben Arfa into Newcastle's Premier League squad before his shock dismissal in 2010.

But the new manager says the process of strengthening City's squad 'won't be instant'.

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'At this moment it is a period of assessing because it's all happened very, very quickly,' said Hughton.

'I'm happy to be here, happy with the squad that's here and I'm happy to assess what we've got here over the next few days and make the decisions every manager has to make at this time of year.

'On any decisions or areas I feel I need to strengthen I will have my own thoughts, but it's also about learning about the squad and sometimes you can be surprised. It's a different voice that's coming in, a different look. But I know what they have achieved over the last few seasons and I know the strengths they have and it will be my job over a period of time, to assess what I've got, where we can strengthen the squad and that means the ability to bring in players in the right areas, but that's something that has to be done over a period of time.'

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