Norwich City boss Alex Neil admits player power is part of the modern game following Jose Mourinho’s exit

Norwich manager Alex Neil admits Jose Mourinho's Chelsea exit underlined the problems of management

Norwich manager Alex Neil admits Jose Mourinho's Chelsea exit underlined the problems of management in the modern game. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Alex Neil insists there will never be player power on his watch at Norwich City.

Jose Mourinho's exit at Chelsea earlier this week came amid a reported backdrop of widespread unrest and mistrust inside the Blues' dressing room.

Neil has only been in management since May 2013, but the Scot has never had to face down a player revolt.

'I have never had that,' he said. 'I have always had really good relationships with my players, a good understanding there is a common goal we are all working for and everyone should be working as hard as they possible can.

'Listen, I don't think there is any question it is a tough job. If it wasn't, everyone would do it. If players decide the effort levels required to be put in are not there then becomes even more difficult. I don't think managers or even the game has changed in modern times. It is society in general. Everyone has got a tendency to want to be liked and be everyone's friend and at times when you manage a team that cannot be the case.

'Man-management has a huge part to play but arguably last season everyone was saying Mourinho was the best at it. It just shows how quickly things can turn. He is one of the best there has ever been and now he is out of a job.'

Neil admits Mourinho's departure from Stamford Bridge underlines even the best managers are viewed as disposable commodities.

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'The power football players have is more than it has ever been. Chelsea typifies that and where the game is,' he said. 'Clubs have commodities who are worth millions and millions of pounds and it is easier to get rid of one than it is 20. You have gone from a team who won the Premier League last season to nowhere near that standard. The manager was the same manager. I am not involved in the inner workings of that club but something is not quite right.'