Farke’s work is being watched carefully after Blades defeat

Daniel Farke's City side have picked up one point from a possible nine in the Championship so far th

Daniel Farke's City side have picked up one point from a possible nine in the Championship so far this season Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Q Any news on Klose leaving? And if so any possible loan replacements? Chris Ablett

A Nothing new yet but from the noises coming out of Germany, Hannover want him to fix their injury crisis. A Bundesliga deal would presumably be appealing for Timm but I would only be letting him go if you are very confident of getting at least one new centre-back option in. Personally, I would keep Timm, unless he's agitating for the move. David Freezer

Q So, what's the plan for Wednesday night? How do we get our first win? Nick

A Be aggressive and quick in tempo like they started against West Brom. Get ahead and then be much, much more concentrated at the back. I'd start Godfrey or Thompson instead of Tettey, and have Buendia on the bench. I'd also consider moving Marshall higher up the pitch if it's possible. Michael Bailey

A I can't see Farke going to three at the back for a home game, I think he'll set up with an attacking edge again, and then it's about taking the chances going forward and keeping the back door closed. Get an early goal and it will release some tension in the crowd. It's a testing period in terms of patience but this is a new-look squad, so an edgy atmosphere isn't going to help. The main change I would make, if possible, is push Marshall forward and get Pinto in at right-back. David Freezer

Q I like Farke, and want him to stay and push us forward – I've got a nagging doubt though as substitutions always seem to come so late. Also square pegs in round holes – he tried Wildschut as a full back last year, now Marshall. I just want him to play players in their position – if they can't be fitted in there, don't pick them. Derby Canary

A It's been mentioned before and will be again; there's something idealistic to Norwich's philosophy which seems to mark players out of inclusion if they can't hack it. Yanic is one of those. His success at Bolton causes no issues, so long as Norwich are enjoying success of their own. If they don't, it's another question being pointed at City's direction. Michael Bailey

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A This is an interesting one with players being expected to be flexible, perhaps it's a continental approach, expecting players to be able to play more than one position, perhaps a hangover from his work as an U23 coach at Dortmund. Either way, Lewis being back will help with that and I agree that Marshall should be on the wing. David Freezer

Q For the Preston game I'd go with Zimmermann in a back five (Pinto/Marshall RWB), replace Tettey with Thompson & remove Leitner. Think there's enough creativity with Onel & Pukki with Trybull supporting & the wing backs putting crosses in. Ron Obvious

A It probably is a good shout for Thompson to come in for Tettey. Ahead of team news, I would go (4-2-3-1): Krul; Pinto, Hanley, Klose, Lewis; Thompson, Trybull; Marshall, Pukki, Hernandez; Rhodes. David Freezer

Q If we don't get a win at Ipswich and have lost our other games leading up to it (Preston and Leeds), do you think Farke's neck will be on the block??? Swanton Canary

A If they were to lose the next three league games, there's no denying he'll be under a lot of pressure. Let's not pre-judge though. Four points this week and then things can settle and DF can get on with things with a bit more freedom. It just feels like nerves have taken over a bit because they haven't won yet but could easily have won all three. We've not even seen Emi Buendia yet and he could be a big player this season, Jamal Lewis is only just back, Krul and Hanley only just getting fully match sharp – lots of moving parts to this. David Freezer

Q From what you have seen from the league matches so far do you think we will be in a relegation battle this season? JamesB

A I'd be lying if I said it hadn't crossed my mind. Playing well but losing, making silly errors, turning down opportunities, the loss of two big players from last season and the feeling around the place on the back of a difficult start. Even the possible sale of Timm Klose and the unknown of who gets brought in if he leaves. On the flip side, some summer signings we haven't even seen yet and I'd argue the performances have shown so much more promise, from what was a tricky start on paper. I think that's why the rest of this month is going to tell us so much more – and in reality, we really are still so early in the season. Michael Bailey