Modest Lambert says others deserve praise

City boss Paul Lambert has paid tribute to his managerial team – and admits he gets embarrassed when the yellow and green army chant his name.

Lambert has become a hero among the City faithful after leading the team from the depths of despair last season to the League One title – and now to third in the Championship table. They regularly chant his name and demand he acknowledges their support with a wave.

But Lambert says there is more to the success than one man.

'It's probably a tad embarrassing because it's the lads who play the game, it's not just me,' he said.

'It's Ian Culverhouse who has been a major, major impact at this club. Gary (Karsa) came with me – major impact. Lol (Laurence Batty) came with me – major impact, So everybody I have brought here has been a major help to me. I couldn't have done it without them to be perfectly honest, but more importantly we have got lads who have done great for me and if you put that and the crowd together then you have got a chance. The game is not about us, it is about the lads that play it and the ones that come and watch it. I know next week it could be 'Lambert must go'.'

That's hardly likely to be the case given City's current form, which has seen them beaten just three times in the league this season. Having taken at point at QPR, City are comfortably placed in third. Tonight's visitors Crystal Palace are second bottom – although Lambert insists it's irrelevant.

'I think everybody is capable of beating everybody,' he said. 'I don't look at the table or anything like that. You roughly know where people are sitting, but the game is too hard to worry about my own job than worry about someone else.'