Man management the key for Norwich City boss Lambert

Paul Lambert says he likes to keep his distance from his players and let man management play its part in Norwich City's success story.

The sight of a track-suited Lambert barking out orders from the touchline isn't one that is replicated at the Colney training centre during the week: familiarity breeds contempt and all that. Instead, Lambert uses a tactic that Martin O'Neill – his former boss and a manager he readily admits his admiration for – when dealing with his players.

'If they heard my voice every single day then they'd become bored by it,' he said. 'You don't need to be with them every single day. It can tick over. Ian (Culverhouse) takes them, I don't need to be by them all the time. It is just the way I do it and so far we have had success and it works. I saw it working under Martin O'Neill and I have seen it working with other people that you don't need to speak all the time.

'I am not in the lads' faces every single minute of the day, I don't live in their pockets, they are adults, but I think they know where the line is drawn and I think they want to achieve something.'

Opting not to baby-sit his players has helped create a team spirit which has become part of the Lambert success story.

'The team spirit since I have been here, not just this year but even last year, it's huge,' he said. 'They are a great bunch, they stick together no matter what, which is .

'Even injured lads, they are all in it together, that is the beauty about it - they are low maintenance, they never give me an ounce of problem, but they also know where the line is drawn. As footballers and people they have been terrific for me.

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'I think if they enjoy the training, which I think they do, and if you can keep the spirit and keep them hungry and get them together then they go the extra yard. That is what happens – you try and treat them right. You give a rollicking when you have to, but you also give praise. Some lads need an arm around them, some lads don't. But I never hold any grudges against them.'