Revealed: How Norwich City’s ‘worst driver’ clipped the team bus

Norwich City stars Jamal Lewis and Todd Cantwell have been dishing the dirt on their teammates on a

Norwich City stars Jamal Lewis and Todd Cantwell have been dishing the dirt on their teammates on a BBC TV show. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd. - Credit: Archant

Canaries fans have been treated to an inside account of how some Norwich City players are off the pitch after two stars of the club dished the dirt on their teammates.

Jamal Lewis and Todd Cantwell appeared on BBC One programme Football Focus at the weekend, taking part in a segment called Honesty Cards.

The duo were posed a series of questions asking them to reveal things about themselves and their teammates, with haircuts, dress sense and driving capability among the subjects discussed.

Defender Christoph Zimmermann was named as the most competitive player in the squad, with Cantwell saying: "Even in training he can't lose anything."

While the 6ft 4in German may be pleased to be recognised for his spirit and mentality, he will surely be less thrilled to be dubbed the worst dressed among the playing staff.

Cantwell said: "That's so easy - it's Christoph Zimmermann again. Some of the outfits that he puts on still, to this day, confuse me."

Lewis agreed, saying: "He has a sleeveless lumberjack top. I just don't think he cares, which almost makes it a little bit better."

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Zimmermann was not the only player to receive criticism, as Cantwell himself was mocked for his hair by Lewis.

The full-back was asked who had the worst trim in the dressing room and, in response, he simply sighed and gave his teammate a telling stare.

This is not the first time in recent days that Cantwell has been subjected to jokes about his appearance - last week, he was dubbed "the Justin Bieber of Norwich" on former Canaries striker Peter Crouch's podcast.

Lewis did, however, name the Dereham native as the player with the best goal celebration, saying: "I like your celebrations. You've come under a little bit of scrutiny, but I love them."

It was one of City's newest recruits who came off worst, however, as Swiss international striker Josip Drmic was named as the worst driver in the squad - Lewis even had an anecdote about a recent incident.

He said: "I haven't been in his car, but there was one time where we were on the team bus and he clipped it - the bus' mirror - while driving past. Sorry Josip."