Lambert gets ready to plot next Norwich City miracle

Paul Lambert stood in front of the Barclay Stand, hands in pockets, feet planted on the Carrow Road turf. Just looking and stocking up the memory bank.

The yellow and green party will share joint billing with a Champions League triumph, World Cup appearances and a whole host of titles and cups won with Glasgow Celtic.

Tomorrow's civic parade through the streets of Norwich will warrant some more valuable space – and then, on Wednesday morning, when the rest of the Canaries world is still recovering, it will be back to work.

'You move on,' was the simple and logical assessment of what happens now. 'I know I won't always be here and when you have special moments like that you make sure you milk it.

'You cherish your moment because it is a special moment and we still have tomorrow night with the end-of-season dinner, which I think will be a successful night for the lads. We will enjoy tonight and the civic reception, which I think will be absolutely terrific for us. Once all that's finished that's it. It's gone, you have to go again, but the difference is you are going to have to go 10-fold for what you are going to come up against.'

And there's the crux of it: two promotions in successive season is one thing, but jumping into the Premier League is something entirely different: the stories of survival are akin to explorers' great adventures into the unknown

Which is exactly why Lambert and his players have been enjoying it while it lasts.

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'These things you don't see very often and when you do get something like that you have got to enjoy the moment,' said Lambert. 'We've been probably spoilt with what's happened to us in successive seasons.

'I am pretty sure it will live long in the memory of people. They have seen their team go into the Premier League, best league in the world, best players, best stadia, best teams and we have earned the right to go and play against them.'

Lambert was a successful player and has now found success as a manager – but he still finds it difficult to compare the two emotions.

'It is hard to explain because as a player you get a different feeling from a manager because you're looking after yourself and I was fortunate, I played with some world class players and to win the Champions League.

'You don't realise how big it is until you win it, that's the thing. But the feeling is the exact thing, if that sounds silly, in a different way, because I'm getting lads to run for me and keep going and keep going and keep going and you have 27,000 people that you have to try and appease.'

Lambert's preparations for next season have started: he has spoken to his coaching staff and had a brief meeting with the board on Friday.

'I had a brief discussion yesterday with them and I am pretty sure I will have one or two more to find out basically what road we are going to go down,' he said. 'As I said the club is riddled with debt and I am pretty sure going into the Premiership will take care of that. I am pretty sure the board are on it. My job is I have got to get a helping hand to help that group.

'I spoke to the staff right after the Portsmouth game to try and see if we could do something, give the current group a hand and that's what we will try and do.'

Lambert's dealings in the transfer market – loan and permanent – have been largely successful. The trick now is to repeat it for such a high level of football - which means finding players who match the 'hunger and desire' criteria as well as being able to play the game.

'That is what I have to try and get,' he said. 'I am sure everybody is looking for that – looking for the right player and the right professionalism and the hunger, not just me. I've been fortunate enough with the lads I've brought in. They have been brilliant and you can see it, you can feel it how much they have developed. If you get that then you have got a chance.

'First and foremost this is a really tight group, but we had to work hard to bring the right people in. Their ability is up there, no doubt about it and you try to marry the two, Football is psychological, it's in your brain.

'I have worked for some unbelievable managers at the very top level and you take little bits from them and I like to think I can get in people's heads a bit.'

So where does the great adventure lead to next? Old Trafford? The Emirates? Stamford Bridge? Whoever it is, the prospect is daunting.

'They have just earned the right to play them,' said Lambert.

'One could be the European champions in a couple of weeks time; Chelsea ... you are talking teams on a different stratosphere from us.

'You see it week in, week out on TV how good the players are and how good the teams are.

'Everything is there, but we have earned the right. We will try everything we can to enjoy it, but results? We will see.'