Iwan Roberts: Norwich City’s Nelson Oliveira went too far but strikers can do the silliest things...

Nelson Oliveira's goal celebration after his equaliser against Fulham has certainly caused controver

Nelson Oliveira's goal celebration after his equaliser against Fulham has certainly caused controversy this week. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Looking back at the first week of the season for Norwich City and new head coach Daniel Farke, it's been a solid week's work from all concerned.

A magnificent point at Craven Cottage last Saturday, which even the most optimistic Norwich fan would have taken before the game, and through to the second round of the superbly named Carabao Cup on Tuesday night. Bring on Sunderland on Sunday I hear you say.

I've seen some brilliant goal celebrations over the years – I even did a dance called 'the dog' on a couple of occasions after I'd scored for Leicester back in the early 90s.

A mate of mine had asked me to do 'the dog' the next time I scored as the dance was a bit of a craze going around the City at the time.

Of course I agreed to do it but not for a second did I have any intention of making a complete idiot of myself by doing some bizarre dance the next time I found the back of the net.

A couple of games went by and I'd not scored, however we played Coventry City at Highfield Road in a derby.

As any derby, the M69 derby is fiercely contested and this game would be no different. Halfway through the first half our right back pinged a cross from the right hand side it was a great ball into Coventry's penalty box and I thought to myself this has got me written all over it.

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The only problem was Gary had put so much pace on the cross it was going to beat everybody who was in the box, well everyone apart from me as I launched myself to meet the ball – Andy Gray diving header style. I made great contact and the ball flew past big Steve Ogrizovic in the Coventry goal.

As soon as I saw the ball hit the back of the net I was off to celebrate with the 3,000 Leicester fans down one side of the ground and to this day I don't know why I did it but I did and 'the dog dance' was born. It is hard to explain but the feeling of pure elation takes over when you've scored a goal and sometimes you do the silliest things!

One celebration I've never seen before is the one Nelson Oliveira did after his goal at Fulham – that one was definitely a first for me.

We have all seen players turn their backs to supporters and point at their names on the backs of their shirts after they've scored but I've never seen a player take his shirt off, sprint half the length of the field towards his manager pointing to his name.

When he eventually reached Farke and the head coach went to kiss him on the forehead Oliveira shoved him in the chest!

It didn't end there, with his team mates trying to drag him away he then made things worse by continuing to point to his name!

I think it's fair to say he wasn't too pleased to have started the afternoon sitting on his backside!

I've seen so many different opinions on Nelson's actions people saying how good it was to see such passion from a player and what a refreshing change that was, to it was pure petulance from a player who was clearly frustrated that he hadn't started the game which I can completely understand. However, to undermine his head coach like he did in front of thousands of people and show no respect towards Daniel Farke in his very first competitive game was totally out of order in my opinion.

To his credit Farke took it extremely well and played the whole episode down but I bet he was fuming inside – I know I would have been.

I have known managers who would have had you by the throat had you done that to them.

Can you imagine any player ever doing that to Sir Alex Ferguson?!

Oliveira is a very good player and was obviously angry at not starting but he had proven his point by coming on and scoring a terrific equaliser – he didn't need to over react like he did.

My advice would be don't air your dirty linen in public, simply wait until either Sunday or Monday morning, the next time you are at training, go and knock on the head coach's door and have a chat about things and iron your differences out.