Isn’t this what it’s supposed to be like for Norwich City?

Everyone's been talking about it. Just how 'together' as a bunch are the current Norwich City team?

When the dressing room camaraderie actually becomes palpable, when we in the stands can see it, can actually feel it, what a massive positive force it can prove to be.

At Leicester on Tuesday night we saw one of the most memorable away performances for a long time. Others will report of the game itself – Wes's brilliance, Wilbrahimovic's first goal, Crofty's energy, Foxy's passing, Wardy and Zak's aerial domination etc – but what will stay with me is the positive energy being generated by St. Paul and his men.

Wilbrahimovic has been waiting for that goal. He's come close a few times, even in the last seconds against Preston, and it must have been weighing on his mind.

How good for him, then, not only to break his duck but to see the enthusiasm with which his team mates celebrated his success. Even after the final whistle he was being congratulated by those who had been on the bench. That's what makes dressing rooms tick.

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