Fans celebrate City’s Jexit - but it shows depth of unrest at the top

Fans are certainly smiling about Jez Moxey's departure - but it signals deep problems at the club.

Fans are certainly smiling about Jez Moxey's departure - but it signals deep problems at the club. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

When the transfer window shut on Tuesday, Norwich City fans were divided about whether the business had been good.

Two nights later when the shock news emerged that Jez Moxey had left Carrow Road as chief executive, the immediate reaction from supporters was pretty much united.

Since arriving from Wolves in the summer, Moxey had done very little to win over the yellow and green faithful. He appeared arrogant and despite indications that he wanted to work with fans, there was far too little evidence of it happening.

When loyal, dyed in the wool, normally reserved Norwich supporters greet his exit with messages such as 'woohoo'. 'good riddance', 'best news for a long while' and 'let's have a party' you sense it may not be a bad thing for the club in the long term.

But far more important than the instant feeling about the unexpected Jexit, is where this leaves Norwich City Football Club? The departure of someone so senior, so suddenly, at such a crucial time in the season has to expose the depth of unrest at the top of our club.

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Moxey talked about 'promotion, promotion, promotion.'

One fan accurately tweeted 'commotion, commotion, commotion' shortly after bombshell broke. It seems from the fairly confused wording of the statement that Moxey was pushed rather than jumped.

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So what's the background? How deep at rifts at the top table?

We are at a crossroads.

There has been so much love for Delia and Michael over the years for the money they have put in to the club and the devotion they have shown.

Increasingly, supporters have become exasperated with decision making and long term ambition - and that interview with the Times where they basically ruled out the family giving up control accelerated the deep concern from many fans. The appointment of Moxey clearly didn't work and there are indications that he left after a number of fall outs with the majority shareholders.

They presumably appointed him? So there is concern about how things turned sour so quickly.

We just can't afford any more bad decisions.

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