Fan’s view on Norwich City new ticket membership scheme

Norwich City fans on a wet night in Hull the ticketing scheme has now undergone major changes Pictu

Norwich City fans on a wet night in Hull the ticketing scheme has now undergone major changes Picture: Matt Wilkinson/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Matt Wilkinson/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich City's new membership scheme will affect many who follow the club around the country. City fan LORRAINE TAYLOR gave us her view of the changes

After such an incredible season and getting promotion to the Premier League, Norwich City fans haven't had much to moan about over the last 12 months.

Apart from a few gripes here and there, it has been fairly quiet on that particular front.

However, following the club's announcement at 6am on Wednesday, fans have certainly had something to get to grips with! The news from the club of a new membership structure hasn't been received well - to put it mildly. In fact, it seems to have created a social media 'storm'.

Reading through some of the comments, I think some are rightly annoyed. However, I am more philosophical about it. Although it does affect me obtaining away tickets this season, I do realise that the club did have to do something about away ticket allocation.

Last year, there were complaints from fans who couldn't get tickets to away games because of the points system. This coming season, it will probably be harder to get tickets, so changes to the ticketing system were needed. There won't be many, if any, opportunities to secure the amount of away tickets that we were allocated for games such as Wigan or Aston Villa away last season, so many fans are likely to miss out on the opportunity of watching us play at grounds like the new Spurs stadium - which I think most football fans would like to visit.

Where I do feel the club has got it wrong is the scrapping of the away season ticket. Those fans who have previously bought an away season ticket will be affected more than most. However, for the casual away supporter, the new membership scheme will surely make it fairer for those who have attended 10-plus away games - even to Hull on a cold, wet and blustery Wednesday night - to obtain away tickets. The last time we were in the Premier League, some away games cost over £50 to attend, so with the cap set at £30, attend three away games and you've paid for your away membership!

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It's the same for home match tickets. With the home ticket price being capped to £30 (which is a reduction in price from previous seasons) the cost of membership will soon be repaid thanks to cheaper match day tickets.

As a home season ticket holder, I am lucky because I don't have to worry about sourcing tickets for home games, but I will be purchasing an away membership so I can hopefully go to Everton, Burnley, Manchester City, Chelsea and West Ham!

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