Chris Reeve: I’ll judge Daniel Farke in the middle of next season

Game time approaches for City head coach Daniel Farke and sub Timm Klose before the game at QPR. Pic

Game time approaches for City head coach Daniel Farke and sub Timm Klose before the game at QPR. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Rather than sleeping on this article, I started penning it immediately after our painful loss to QPR.

It's time to be more up front and transparent than ever before with the current Norwich City affairs...

You've all likely heard the following this season: 'Change doesn't happen overnight', 'Rome wasn't built in a day', 'transition takes time'. The question is, how long should our fans put up with sub-standard, under-par performances like QPR, Millwall, Burton, the list goes on...?

For me, to be brutally honest (and it hurts me to say) I cannot wait to be done with this season. Be done with the excuses and the get-out clauses. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is looking forward to a fresh start. I crave the renewed optimism and positivity of a new campaign.

Norwich City are in a negative spiral and I hate it. Those who love to take their negative emotions out on our club are out in full force – Twitter has become a toxic space and a firing line to express your opinion and support for the yellows. To be fair, our performances are making it too easy to do so.

Personally, I believe our squad isn't actually as bad as many people say it is. Yes, we're extremely light up top, but there's a lot of individual talent there that has been available to work with this season. But in Daniel Farke's defence, James Maddison has been the 'only' player going forwards who has performed consistently throughout. Minor individual errors and fine margins have caught us out. However, that is always going to be a common problem for the majority of football teams. That is where I firmly feel City lack leadership, fight and old fashion 'oomph', if you will.

For the record, I'm fully in the #FarkeLife camp. Our Norwich City desperately needed change, a new philosophy and new outlook on our football. Perhaps we were all just expecting far too much this season? Let's not forget Farke has had to learn a whole new language fluently and is completely new to first team management, let alone the rough and tumble of the Championship. I will judge his ability to coach Norwich City (fully) halfway through next season.

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On the pitch at this current moment in time, we're just two forward passes in the final third away from playing some really nice stuff, the football that it was suggested we'd see this season. Starting Wes Hoolahan last weekend made a notable difference to our creativity going forwards and perhaps luckily, to our defence too.

On that note, I'm pleased Stuart Webber was very quick to show his respect to Hoolahan by making it clear Wes would get a testimonial. It's great to see such openness from the Canary top brass, rather than being kept in the dark, like under the previous regime.

Back on the pitch, it's just the small task of Aston Villa at Carrow Road today. I hope Robert Snodgrass doesn't wind up the Snakepit too much! How the tides change in football – I'd take the Scot back in a heartbeat.

I just hope we don't witness another game go stale after the 65th minute, especially with what seems like no Plan B – it's very difficult to watch from the stands. It's time to make substitutions a lot earlier – why not go all out and give us fans something to cheer about before next season?

On The Ball, City!