Chief executive David McNally says Norwich City’s board will not be slow to act if Chris Hughton fails to improve club’s Premier League fortunes

David McNally is interviewed about the future of Chris Hughton at Carrow Road by BBC Radio Norfolk's

David McNally is interviewed about the future of Chris Hughton at Carrow Road by BBC Radio Norfolk's Norwich City commentator Chris Goreham. Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

Norwich City's top brass will not be slow to act should Hughton fail to improve the club's Premier League fortunes.

The club's chief executive reiterated succession planning is all part of his remit with Hughton's long- term job prospects entwined with the Canaries' survival battle.

'I think you have to be aware of the market and, I'll use that phrase again, it would be almost delinquent of the football club to not be aware of potential candidates if for any reason your manager left,' he said. 'That could be because your manager wants to go elsewhere, as did Paul Lambert, who was brilliant for Norwich City but he took a decision and moved on, or if results are not good enough you have to be aware of who is out there to help. You look at the market and who might be right for Norwich City. If we needed to make a change – and the average tenure of a Premier League manager is about a year-and-a-half, which puts Chris in the top six or top eight longest serving right now – then if a change was necessary it wouldn't be a case of, who are the contenders? It would be a case of reviewing what is required, where are we going and who is best placed to take the club forward.'

Norwich is the only club in the current bottom six not to have overseen a managerial change, with many of the Canaries' Premier League rivals opting for a new course.

'Not every club has taken that route. If you look at West Ham there was a bigger outcry from their supporters for change and they have done okay recently,' said McNally. 'You have to be mindful of what is happening at other clubs but similarly if you draw a comparison with transfers we don't react if one of our peers decides to sign seven players in January, for instance. If we believe Chris is the right man to take the club forward then we stick with that. It is fine margins in our sport and what you have to be sure of is a guaranteed improvement.'