Chris Sutton: Time for the mud-slinging at Norwich City to stop

Norwich City's Brandon Williams lies dejected on the pitch during the Premier League match at Carrow

Chris Sutton believes everyone at Norwich City must draw a line under this torrid Premier League campaign. - Credit: Daniel Hambury/Focus Images Ltd

It's been another weekend that has exposed the growing disconnect between Norwich City supporters and the club.

A small number of fans opted to protest against the way the club is being run after another defeat to West Ham United and plenty more had left Carrow Road long before the final whistle rang out. 

Was there any big surprise from this weekend's performance? Norwich came up short, it was another limp performance. There was no great shock nor nothing new uncovered. 

Surely now everybody associated with Norwich City needs to draw a line under what has been a catastrophic season in the Premier League in order to move forward.

Even with tonight's game against Leicester City, do people expect a stunning performance and for Norwich to turn the corner? It's not going to happen this season. They have been relegated. Nothing will undo or change that.

My fear now is that it's just going to continue to escalate and become impossible to repair. 

Dean Smith has already made clear that there is unlikely to be an overhaul of the squad. It will largely be the same group of players in the Championship next season. 

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A part of the equation of selling any player is that there needs to be a buyer, it's tough at the moment to see who buys anyone beyond a few who have performed well this season. 

Norwich fans are angry at the moment and understandably so, but at some point a line will need to be drawn under this season. 


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