Bayern Memories: Canaries fans recall feeling of triumph at the Olympic Stadium

Jeremy Goss and Rob Newman celebrate City's victory at Bayern in 1993 Picture: Simon Finlay/Archant

Jeremy Goss and Rob Newman celebrate City's victory at Bayern in 1993 Picture: Simon Finlay/Archant library - Credit: Archant

Ahead of tomorrow's landmark of 25 years since Norwich City's famous victory in Bayern Munich, Canaries fans have been sharing their memories of that great night.

As well as full accounts of that 2-1 triumph in the Olympic Stadium in the Uefa Cup second round, plenty of memories have been shared on the Pink Un Facebook page...

David Rounding

All the way there on coach from Norwich. Journey seemed to take forever but I didn't care because we had waited so long to get European football. The journey back seemed so much quicker and I remember all the Brit lorry drivers flashing their lights and sounding their horns when passing on the autobahn. Best time ever!!

Tony Hannant

Easily the best night of my life. Drove to Munich from Norwich, which was a bit of a poke.

I celebrated Gossy's goal like no other goal ever, and is still my all time favourite goal in the whole history of everything!

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Jonathan Stroulger

Norwich supporters at the Olympic Stadium in 1993 Picture: Archant library

Norwich supporters at the Olympic Stadium in 1993 Picture: Archant library

I was 20 and sat watching it in a room of mainly Ipswich fans in Bury St Edmunds. Very quickly the micky-taking stopped and all was quiet ... except for me!

Andrew Boughen

Looking up at the scoreboard just to make sure I wasn't dreaming!! Then singing OTBC on the way out when we were passing the Olympic swimming pool ... great memories.

Karl Howlett

Still celebrating the first when the second went in. Best night of my life. Even up there with the birth of my kids haha!

Mark Mitchell

Yes I was there, my spine still tingles at the thought of Gossy's goal, the greatest game in our history.

Steve Springy Springford

I was stuck on an oil rig in the middle of the North Sea, I was supposed to be working but kept sneaking to the accommodation to see how we were doing. OTBC.

Kevin Andrews

Yep, great night followed by a stadium tour the following day, that lift though, Jeez!

Graham Leeder

I was there...a teenager then...a tired middle aged man now...

Mark Hawes

16 hours on a mini bus but the best trip ever.

Shaun Dearsley

Jerry Goss is a football genius...

Edward Palgrave

Making me feel old...

Bayern Memories: Why Norwich City's success at the Olympic Stadium was such a special achievement

We've also been sent the following accounts of the Canaries' excursion to Munich, which is still remembered so fondly a quarter of a century later, as City became the first English team to beat Bayern on their own turf – a record which remained through until the German giants left their traditional home in 2005.

Chris Archer

What a trip! We flew into Frankfurt where a coach was waiting to take our group on the long drive to Munich.

A large Norwich/England flag covered the rear window and the diehard fans that filled the coach were in fine voice throughout the journey.

We arrived at our hotel just outside Munich, dropped off our bags and headed off to the Olympic Stadium. Our driver was German and said if we hide our flags and colours he may be able to drop us off in the centre of Munich.

We went into a bier keller for a pre-match drink, sitting at long benches and served by staff in traditional dress. This was my first experience of beer served in a one-litre stein. Following our refreshment, we headed to the stadium.

A mist hung in the air on that chilly October night and the floodlit stadium with its metal netting stood out like a huge spider's web with Bayern Munich the predator waiting to take its prey. I couldn't believe I was there to watch my team, surely this place was only reserved for the mighty clubs of Europe! But Mike Walker, the team and fans had earned the right to perform on this magnificent stage.

The Norwich fans were in fine voice as we made our way into the stadium. I could hear the usual conversations taking place before the game kicked off, 'I'll take 0-0' or 'an away goal would be great'.

Finally, the game kicked off, to say I was nervous is an understatement but clearly Walker hadn't read the script, we didn't look like the underdogs, we were out-playing the mighty Bayern on their own turf!

Then it happened, 12 minutes in a Rob Newman cross floats into the box, the mighty Lothar Matthäus heads clear into the path of 'that man' Jeremy Goss who hits a sublime 20 yard volley, GOAL!, The Norwich fans went wild, I couldn't believe it, we scored. Then on half an hour, we get a free-kick. Ian Crook puts it in the danger area and Chris Sutton is clearly fouled, but before we could complain, Mark Bowen pops up and heads into the back of the net, it's two, I screamed over and over, all of the Norwich fans were going crazy.

Bayern pulled one back just before half-time and loud music filled the stadium, I seem to remember it being the 'Can-can' but this didn't dampen our spirits.

As the game moved into injury time all the Norwich fans were whistling loudly and time seemed to stand still. Then at last the ref blew the whistle…we'd done it….achieved the impossible, the first and still the only English club to beat the mighty Bayern Munich at the Olympic Stadium.

The next morning at breakfast we were all still buzzing from the night before. I had lost my voice and I remember hotel TV was on and every news report showed the goals, my German is not great but looking at the faces of the Bayern coach, players and fans, I had a good idea what the reporters were saying.

I still have my match ticket and program that bring back the great memories when I look at them.

Jon Goddard

Was it really 25 years ago? It does not seem that long.

When the draw was initially made, it was hard to take in, my little Norwich City up against the giants of Europe. Once it had time to sink in, it was then a case of getting there for what turned out to be an unbelievable experience.

Plans were put in place, an overnight train, the trip seemed to go quickly and before we knew I had made it, I was in Munich. I had teamed up with a few other Capital Canaries and the decision was made to get to the ground early to soak not only the wonderful stadium but the anticipated cracking atmosphere.

What followed will stay in my memory forever, the roar to greet the team on to the hallowed turf was impressive but then somehow, just a few minutes later we scored a goal and what a goal it was!

The Germans seemed to slow to make a clearance and then we all know what happened next, the ball flew in to the net from the outstanding Goss, cue absolute euphoria in the away end. I was having to rub my eyes, Munich multiple winners of so many European titles and cups 0 Norwich 1?

We continued to play some lovely football and it seemed every accurate pass seemed to bring a cheer. Then, it was up the other end but it looked a stonewall penalty for a foul, then time seemed strangely to stop still for a few seconds, nobody quite knew what had happened, nobody knew what to do, until Bowen smashed the ball into the net and it was TWO nil.

Cue again absolute joy and until this day I HAVE never hugged so many people after celebrating a goal.

I was now in total disbelief, and although Bayern got one back before half-time it somehow didn't seem to matter. The second half seemed to last for ages, there was that great save from Gunny but again every pass, every last ditch tackle was greeted with whops of delight.

Then the final whistle what an absolute pleasure it was to have been there to watch arguably Norwich's greatest ever result. The players came over and like us fans, didn't want to go anywhere, we had done it and beaten the mighty Bayern Munich in their own backyard in the Olympic Stadium no less.

We finally had to leave the ground and returned to London on Cloud Nine or should that be Nein? Suddenly all my friends wanted to talk to me about my team Norwich City and I was so glad, and proud to have been there to witness such a glorious spectacle.

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