Austrian hideaway is the perfect setting for Norwich City’s Championship build-up

Norwich City have returned to central Europe for a week-long training camp in Austria after being ba

Norwich City have returned to central Europe for a week-long training camp in Austria after being based at the opposite end of the country 12 months ago in Grassau, just inside the German border. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

No distractions is the mantra for Alex Neil after opting for a secluded Austrian training base for the next phase of Norwich City's Championship preparations.

City's squad flew into Graz on Sunday before the 50-mile coach trip to the south-eastern region of Burgenland and the small picturesque town of Stegersbach. Norwich made a similar trip 12 months ago to Grassau, on the Austrian border. Neil put his players through their paces for the first time on Monday at the home of SV Stegersbach as they gear up for Wednesday's first tour friendly against FK Dukla Prague.

'The focus is on training. There is not a lot else that happens around there. It is not a nightclub hub I can assure you of that,' said Neil.

'We are next to the mountains so it is a case of focusing purely on getting the sessions done, playing a couple of good games and making sure we recover in the right way and come back in good nick and ready for the season. What do I want from the trip? Mainly I want everybody to get 80 or 90 minutes in their legs because after the tour we have two games to get ourselves ready for the season. Touch wood, absolutely no injuries because I want to keep them fit and healthy and hopefully by the time I come back have some (transfer) business to conclude.'

City's Euro 2016 contingent is scheduled to link up with the rest of the squad in midweek.

'They will join up on Wednesday,' said Neil. 'So that is literally three weeks and three days since they finished in the Euros, which is not that long when you think about it over the course of a year but that is as much as we can give them without jeopardizing them for the start of the season.'