AUDIO: It was a massive point for us, says Lambert

Paul Lambert heads into the international break reflecting on the simple calculation that could prove to be the key to success this season.

The fixture list shows City have four home games and four away – and working on the theory that away draws and accompanied by home wins, they would remain bang on course for an unlikely second promotion in consecutive summers.

The fact that things don't always go to plan is exactly why the City boss saw the weekend draw as so important.

'It is an away game for us – you pick up a point away from home and it could be massive, really massive,' he said. 'And if you can win your home games and pick up points away from home you're going to be around it.'

Simple as – although things do start to get a little complicated when all the imponderables – like City's nearest rivals – are taken into account. Which is why Lambert won't be drawn on a final calculation.

'I'm not sure because there is a lot of toing and froing,' he said. 'We have four at home, four away – all eight games are really tough. But the way we are playing I can't ask for any more.'

With City sitting second behind Queens Park Rangers, all the talk is of automatic promotion – but Lambert is happy to let others lead that particular conversation.

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'There are eight games to go,' he said. 'I am not going to kill myself if I never did it because I know what those lads have given me. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. If I had a crystal ball and you asked me that question I would go to the lottery kiosk and put the lottery on and maybe win that. I don't know what is going to happen, but we have given it one hell of a ride.'

City might have been in a more comfortable position after Hull had referee Rob Shoebridge awarded the penalty Lambert believed they deserved, for a foul on Russell Martin by Andy Dawson, with the score 1-0 to the visitors.

'How he has missed that penalty I don't know, I really don't know,' he said. 'It was a stonewaller.'

'The referee is turning round saying that Russell has fouled him first – then why did he never give the foul? It's a penalty. If he is saying Russell Martin fouled the lad first then he has got to give the free-kick. He never gave them a free-kick. I just found it a bizarre decision.

'But the way we played and what is happening at this football club is extraordinary at the minute. Absolutely brilliant we were.'

City had gone ahead through Zak Whitbread's first-half header – 'Terrific goal from a lad that has been colossal for us,' said Lambert –but while there wasn't a country mile to choose between the teams, City were indebted to goalkeeper John Ruddy for some top drawer saves.

'Brilliant,' was Lambert's summation. 'Ruddy is on top of his game, very, very much on top of his game. He took a bit of criticism at the beginning and the way that lad is playing he has been absolutely brilliant for me.

'His demeanour is he is a quiet lad, but he is a huge man that fills the goal.'

Ruddy was under scrutiny in the early stages of his time at Carrow Road; ditto Simeon Jackson, who had a late chance to snatch all three points for City with a turn and shot that keeper Brad Guzan did well to stop.

'It was a brilliant save from the goalkeeper, top class,' said Lambert, who is clearly less than impressed with the criticism that the Canadian international has received from some quarters. It's unfair,' he said. 'Fans will have their favourites, like any other fans, but if you want the club to do well you have to get behind the team. It happens all round the levels, not just at Norwich.

'It's going to happen, but lads need time to fit into the group and Simeon – I wouldn't like to play against him. I wouldn't like to play against any of the front lads, the way they play the game.

'The person they have to please is myself, which they have done, not to please you. I don't care if you give them a three out of 10 because your view might be totally different to mine and my view is they have been brilliant.'