Arrogance is Norwich City’s biggest enemy for Alex Neil

Alex Neil wants to eradicate any lingering trace of arrogance undermining Norwich City's Championshi

Alex Neil wants to eradicate any lingering trace of arrogance undermining Norwich City's Championship push. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Lose the arrogance and we can get Norwich City's Championship season back on track, is Alex Neil's plea to his men.

City have won one of the last eight league games ahead of Tuesday's latest test against Aston Villa at Carrow Road, and Neil is clear where the major problem lies.

'I think there is an arrogance about us and we go out on the pitch just thinking we have to turn up,' he said. 'We beat Brentford 5-0 and maybe we thought we just need to roll onto the next game. Any level of football is never as simple as that. You have 11 guys in the opposition who are hungry and whether we like it or not teams look at the likes of us, Aston Villa and Newcastle coming down from the Premier League and we will be scalps at this level. If anything, you have to raise your game rather than stroll about thinking you are going to turn the opposition over. That has been our undoing, in my opinion, if I am being honest.

'It is a fine line. The one thing you want to do is give your players confidence and maybe arrogance is a strong word. Maybe over-confidence is a better word. The one thing that got us promoted before at this level was we played some good football but we had to work ever so hard. We worked our socks off in every game until the end.

'Fans demand one thing. They know you can not play well every time but the one thing they expect is effort and endeavour and heart and passion and all the things that come with being at Norwich City.

'That is where the frustration lies with me, with the fans, and the players are fully aware of that. By their own standards they recognise more of that needs to come. If you have good footballers working hard you will always get success. I think we have enough of those type of footballers here, providing they are fit. It comes down to attitude and appetite for each game.'