Answers on David McNally’s exit from Norwich City set to be in short supply

Former Norwich City chief executive David McNally speaking to the media at Carrow Road in January 20

Former Norwich City chief executive David McNally speaking to the media at Carrow Road in January 2016 after the announcement of Tom Smith as a new director. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

Not for the first time, a high-profile exit from Carrow Road has left us with so many questions – very few of which will be answered.

Football has perfected the confidentiality clause so the first question – why did David McNally resign? – will perhaps never be answered.

Then there is the timing of the chief executive's exit: two days before a crucial night in the club's history, when City's immediate future in the Premier League, and all that brings with it, could be decided.

Had McNally's position at the club reached a point where it was impossible for him to continue for the final two games? If so, it suggests something had gone extremely wrong.

The Saturday night tweet from his account in which it was revealed he had resigned was a surprise. Many thought his account might have been hacked.

There followed... well, nothing. The club did not respond to requests for an explanation and it wasn't until yesterday morning that his departure was announced. In the interim, people mocked.

David McNally did a lot of good for the club: he steered it away from the 2009 debt crisis and put it on an even keel. He played a major part in promotions to the top flight. But while he received plaudits for that success, the club under his command must also be questioned over the current situation – which is unlikely.

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Does McNally's record with managerial appointments stand up to scrutiny? It's arguable.

Was there a split amongst the directors? Did he feel responsible for City's precarious position? Was he responsible for a recruitment policy which failed to yield the expected results?

Will the club miss him? Only time may tell.