ALEX NEIL SACKED: Fans share their thoughts

Norwich Manager Alex Neil before the Sky Bet Championship match at Ashton Gate, Bristol
Picture by P

Norwich Manager Alex Neil before the Sky Bet Championship match at Ashton Gate, Bristol Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd +44 7904 640267 07/03/2017 - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

We asked our readers to let us know their thoughts on Alex Neil's sacking. Here are a selection below:

Norwich Manager Alex Neil before the Sky Bet Championship match at Ashton Gate, Bristol
Picture by P

Norwich Manager Alex Neil before the Sky Bet Championship match at Ashton Gate, Bristol Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd +44 7904 640267 07/03/2017 - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

James Shreeve

Alex Neil, we'll always have the memories of winning at Wembley. By far and away the best moment I've known as a Norwich fan!

However, since the 6-2 defeat to Newcastle it seemed he lost confidence in his own ability and since then it's been a steady decline.

The board have done the right thing but at completely the wrong time, should of been done months ago but to do it a couple of hours of his press conference saying how he's going to plan for the summer is classless.

Norwich Manager Alex Neil before the Sky Bet Championship match at the Pirelli Stadium, Burton upon

Norwich Manager Alex Neil before the Sky Bet Championship match at the Pirelli Stadium, Burton upon Trent Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd +44 7904 640267 18/02/2017 - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

I just hope we look to get the right man in and move on up the league where we should be. #ncfc #otbc

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Seb Blair

So City will appoint a new manager at the end of the season and of course we all hope he does well.

He is given one, max two seasons to get promoted to the promised land. Then fired. Vicious circle.

Poor timing on this decision, even if it is in the interests of the club in the longer term.

Total lack of leadership at Club since McNally left.

So - perhaps the solution is to promote from within. Huckerby? Back the manager.

Give him time. Or just be content with mediocrity. Apparently Mick Mcarthy will be available soon. #OTBC

David Hannant, EDP reporter

When news of Alex Neil's sacking popped up on my social media, my initial reaction was complete shock.

Not that the decision had been made - it was, in all fairness, long overdue. But it was the timing.

Mere hours earlier, the Scot was outlining his summer manifesto and thanking the board for their backing. This doesn't sit well with me.

For all Alex Neil gave the club, I feel he could have been treated with more respect than to be asked to meet the press while his future was being discuss.

Either schedule the talks earlier, or postpone the press conference. It's not rocket science.

However, ultimately, I feel for all parties the decision is the correct one, though personally the correct timing would have been after the Brighton match.

I mentioned this week it would be with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to Alex Neil, and it is. However, I feel it was the right call.

John Cooper, of the UAE Canaries

While fully deserved the timing of the board shows total lack of control at the top. He should have gone in November when our season had a chance.

Now the season is over they might as well kept him until it ended.

He was master of his own downfall I still feel for the guy. Now we have to get the next appointment right and with the current board and an acting CEO I would not hold your breath!

Andy Russell

After months of frustration, I feel sorry of Alex Neil. It was inevitable after such an up-and-down season but what is really frustrating is that, yet again, the Norwich board had dithered for so long before it acted.

A couple of months earlier and a new man could have man a big difference… just as Alex knows only two years ago.

He has the makings of a good manager but clearly needs more experience, success in Scottish Premier is no promise of success in the English league.

So was it a case of his summer plans did not appeal to the board or, being cynical, are season ticket renewals not going as well as hoped for and the boards hopes a change of manager might renew confidence in the club.

And now the pressure is on for the players to step up to the mark, if it's true they were not happy, and the fans to get behind the team.

Let's assume this season is a write-off and not rush into replacing Alex Neil for the sake of it. We need to get the right man this time and look to build a long-term relationship again.

Adam Brundall

Probably needed to happen but the timing is very odd, it should have happened sooner.

Why let him conduct a press conference and then sack him? It makes you wonder if the board have a plan or they were concerned about a hostile atmosphere against Blackburn.

We are now a club with no manager and no CEO with a requirement for a huge squad overall in the summer.

That was always going to be tough but has been made harder by the board sitting on their hands for too long.

I think it will be very difficult to the new man coming in to gauge the weaknesses in the squad.

We should thank Neil for Wembley and also for trying to play attacking football. Attacking football is a trait we should look for in the new manager.

Jamie Taylor

What can I say? Am I pleased he's gone? Yes I am. However, I'm not organising a street party or running around like it's VE Day.

All this has done is proved just how poorly run we are as a club, if we didn't know already.

This should have been done months ago. Where there was still a chance we could turn a corner. Instead they allowed a good man to be torn apart, every week. When all they had to do is let him go with a bit of dignity. It's embarrassing.

Although Alex Neil has gone - there are still massive questions that need answering. I still think there's trouble ahead. Let's hope I'm wrong though.

Thank you for Wembley Alex. I for one wish you all the best for the future

Board. Make the next decision the right one or it's time to ship out.

Tom Osborne

The first five months were wonderful, the rapid rise up the table, the unbeaten away form, putting the kybosh on the most successful season that Ipswich had had in years, and the culmination of it all on that glorious day at Wembley.

Indeed, the early signs in the Premier League were certainly encouraging; and even despite that watershed result at Newcastle, Neil still masterminded a first victory at Old Trafford in 27 years.

Then it all fell apart at an alarming rate. Obvious defensive frailties remained unchecked, and the team suddenly seemed bereft of confidence.

All too often, City would go missing during games and usually with devastating consequences - 'Liverpool' still brings me out in cold sweats. That bullish, non-nonsense attitude, which endeared him to so many at Carrow Road when he first arrived, began to be interpreted as arrogance and stubbornness. He was backed with money in the transfer windows, yet both January occasions stunk of panic buys following barren summers when supporters' patience ran thin after seeing potent strikers the likes of Dwight Gayle and Benik Afobe (players we desperately needed), touted with City all through the window, only to be snared by a rival.

I've no doubt Alex Neil is a decent man, but his time as Norwich City's manager had soured long before the sun eventually set on his reign at Carrow Road.

Yet the timing of Neil's departure seems as bizarre as the decision not to have removed him from the hotseat when City still had a genuine chance of promotion, some months back.

It stinks of a board who are out of touch with both, the realities of the Championship, and sadly – their own supporters. As for his replacement, I am worried – considering the time taken to appoint a decent CEO – of their ability to make the right choice. Alan Pardew appears to be the frontrunner but I for one, would not be pleased to see him dancing like a buffoon in the home dugout in NR1.

Ask any Palace fan what they think of him (a former player, bear in mind) and the response is not at all positive.

As for Neil himself, despite the failures of this season and last, I will never forget that day in the sun, under Wembley's arch on 25th May 2015, the greatest sporting memory of my life. For that Alex, sincerely, thank you.

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