Alex Neil knows the jury is still out with a number of Norwich City fans

Alex Neil knows the jury is still out on him with many City fans.
Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus

Alex Neil knows the jury is still out on him with many City fans. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Alex Neil knows he has plenty of making up to do with Norwich City's fan base.

The Canaries head to Wigan looking for a fourth straight Championship win which has eased the pressure on the Scot following a wretched pre-festive run.

Neil admits he has learned some tough lessons but never doubted he could halt the decline.

'I am not naive and think everything is fine. From the fans' point of view there are still a lot of them unconvinced because it has only been three games,' he said.

'The ones voicing concerns on that bad run will still be voicing those.

'My job is to keep winning games to win them back onside. If we win games and we play well then people will start to believe. If we can get into those play-off places then it all helps.

'One thing I would say throughout is the fans have backed the lads and that bond has to be strong. Have I come out stronger on a personal level? No, I wouldn't say so, although it was difficult I still believed we could turn it around and I knew what I was doing.

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'It will make me a better manager. It gives you more experience to go through that and hopefully come out the other side.

'There will be certain instances now I will look back on and think I could have done things better in those situations. You have to be open to the down side of the job. A manager will never get everything right.

'What I do is make decisions with the best will in the world and the aim is to make the right ones for the club.'

Neil's squad has also had to show some mental toughness.

'On a personal level it is maintaining that belief and realising the most important people are the players,' said the City boss.

'You need them to be in a good space. What you can't allow is your frustration and disappointment to rub off on them. What they don't need is any extra baggage or any extra pressure from me or surrounding things.

'You have to keep them sheltered to a degree and not only that but players can quickly sense if you believe in what you are trying to get them to do.

'With three wins they can look at each other now and see something is happening.'