Alan Irvine is not part of Norwich City’s search for a new way forward

Alan Irvine is in charge again for Norwich City's Championship game against Barnsley on Saturday. Pi

Alan Irvine is in charge again for Norwich City's Championship game against Barnsley on Saturday. Picture: Matthew Usher/Focus Images - Credit: Matthew Usher/Focus Images Ltd

Alan Irvine confirmed he is not involved in the process to revamp Norwich City's footballing model.

Irvine revealed on Friday afternoon he has had no talks with the club's top brass since Alex Neil's dismissal last week over the way forward, or his role in the proposed new structure.

The Scot reiterated he would not apply to become Neil's permanent replacement as he prepares to fulfil his short term brief of taking the side for Saturday's Championship home game against Barnsley.

'I haven't been consulted but if anyone wanted to have a chat with me I would be more than happy to do that. I won't be seeking assurances about my position,' he said. 'The phone call I got last Friday was to say could I take the next two games. I would expect I hear something next week because a decision has to be made who takes training. At this moment I don't know who that is going to be. If it is me, fabulous. I haven't had any contact since then to ask about my future or anything else. The club is working behind-the-scenes to do what they feel is in the best interests of the club and if that means I am away from here, so be it.

'As I said. Nothing has changed. I won't apply for the job. I spoke to Alex right at the beginning when he first called me and said I wasn't a threat to him. He might have felt that with my background and experience. I put his mind at rest in our very first conversation and I wouldn't go back on that. I wouldn't apply for the job. It is completely up to other people to decide what my future role is. If there is one, fantastic, if not that is what happens in this game. I am perfectly ready to accept whatever decision the club make moving forward.'

The vastly-experienced Irvine backed the board's decision to get the structure right before appointing a new manager.

'It makes perfect sense to get the structure in place,' he said. 'If a manager is in post and then you appoint a sporting director and there is a clash of personalities or ideas right from the start that is probably only going to end in failure. If they are looking at this kind of structure it makes sense to do in logically in that way.

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'It can be effective. What has happened now is clubs have become such big businesses you need people to look after that side of it and then the football side here at Colney. It is only effective, though, if you have the right match up. Any manager who is coming in or head coach has to have a good relationship with the sporting director. The two people have to be thinking along similar lines.'