Adam Drury recalls how he came to be Norwich City skipper

Adam Drury with Norwich City manager Nigel Worthington in 2001.

Adam Drury with Norwich City manager Nigel Worthington in 2001. - Credit: EDP © 2001

The following season, we had a bit of a reaction to losing the final, I think, and didn't do so well. But I won the fans' player of the season award, which I was very, very proud of.

Then, at the start of the next season, Nigel made me captain. I couldn't believe it. I'm not a shouter on the field – nor off it, either. I am just Adam: just happy to do my job and go home. Away from football I keep myself to myself. I am one of those that, if there is a night out, I wouldn't be noticed much. I certainly wouldn't be the centre of attention.

So, becoming captain was a strange one. I remember we were out on the main pitch at Colney and Nigel said, 'Adam, I am thinking about making you captain. What do you think?' I told him I was honoured, and that it was unexpected. Then I said, 'I want to ask one or two of the other lads what they think about it.'

There were big characters at the club, like Malky, Iwan and Flem. So I said, 'I want to check with them. I don't want to upset the dressing room and I am not vocal like some of the others'. Nigel said, 'That's fine. They give leadership. That's the way they are and the way they play. But I want you because of the way you conduct yourself'.

I did go and ask Malky, Iwan and Flem and every single one of them was brilliant. Of course they had some fun. They said, 'Well, you're Son of Nigel, so of course you should be captain'.

I explained to them that I hadn't asked for the job and they all said, 'No problem'. That meant everything to me. Without them backing me like that I would have found it diffiult to go to someone like Iwan, who was an absolute icon, and say anything that might have been stepping on his toes.

The way that 2003-04 season turned out – winning the championship, the open-top bus tour, holding the trophy up on the balcony of City Hall and so on – I am so glad now that Nigel asked me, that the lads backed me, and that I took on the job.

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