A look back at Paul Lambert’s comments on Norwich City future

Norwich City manager Paul Lambert has been asked frequently in recent weeks about his future plans and the future prospects for Norwich City in the Premier League. Here are some of his comments:

April 28: 'I don't know how far Norwich can go, I really don't. I don't know. What I know in the last few years is the club has had a lot of success but you're competing in a different ball game in this league, that's for sure, because the finances dictate you have to try to compete with everybody else. The top ones, on a given day, you can compete with them but over the course of the season you won't. That's the reality of it.

April 28: 'Finance dictates a lot. We have to watch and see what's going to happen. Will the budget be substantially bigger? No, not really. We'll have to work with what we've got. Once the season finishes, I'll know hopefully Norwich will be safe and then we'll see.'

May 4: 'We had to survive this season and Norwich have to survive again next season. It's simple, really, really simple. Just try to survive. Do that and the job is done. That's what the club wants to do. I've got my own targets on what I want to do, but the club wants to survive.'

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May 13: 'I don't really worry about myself, to be honest. I just worry about the team. Speculation doesn't really bother me - I just get on with it. You can never stop people speculating about your team or yourself.'

May 13 (on next season): 'It's a hard one to answer, that, because, as I say, I've got a contract here and everybody's doing great in their own respective jobs. We'll get this season out of the road and then I'll see what happens and think of what's gone on and the achievements we've done, and we'll wait and see.'

May 13: 'Aston Villa's not my team. Norwich is and the Norwich fans singing that is greatly appreciated. I understand what's happening at Aston Villa. I can see what's happening with the crowd and the manager, which is never nice, but that's out of my control. My control is Norwich and the Norwich fans have been brilliant for me.'

May 22: 'I am delighted I am at Norwich if that is what you are asking. I have never said I wanted away. Not a thing have I said and people jump to conclusions.'

'I never said I'm leaving. I've said I never know what's going to happen tomorrow. I absolutely love it here. I've loved my time here,' he said.

'Because I don't say much, people want to go on message boards, fuel things and make up absolute nonsense.'

May 24: 'The chairman has said if we finish 17th next season it will be an incredible achievement, but for me, I don't want to finish 17th. My own target is different, but I know what the club are meaning by that. I have my own targets and I want to finish as high up the league as I can.'