Ian Clarke: 10 reasons why I’d rather be a Canary than a Tractor Boy

City supporters have a lot more to sing about than their Ipswich counterparts, says columnist Ian Cl

City supporters have a lot more to sing about than their Ipswich counterparts, says columnist Ian Clarke. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Well it's not been a bad week for Canary fans then....

That late, late, late goal from Klose. That cross from Hanley. That header on the floor from Zimm. That strike from Nelson. That hunger and desire to keep going to the very. very end. I could go on.

Meanwhile, it's not been so good for those boys down the A140. Owwww naooowwwww.

Is it too late for a play off push for Farke's men? Almost certainly. I guess 10 wins out of the 13 games would be required.

Do we feel much more positive than we have done for quite a while? Probably.

Am I much happier to be a Canary than a Tractor Boy? Absolutely.

Ten is my new favourite number. Yes, you know why!

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So while City weren't the perfect 10 in the derby, extending the unbeaten run against the old rivals into double figures of matches is pretty special.

So with double high fives in mind, here goes with the reasons why I would much rather be a boy in yellow and green than a lad in blue and white.

1 - We're the pride of Anglia - that's official. Look at the league table and think about the last nine years. Town fans have kept going on about minding the gap and if only they could have seen out those last few seconds on Sunday, they would have gone three points ahead. But they didn't. City have such a hold over Town these days that it seemed almost inevitable that there would be that incredible final twist to the Carrow Road clash. It's now the longest unbeaten run in the history of the Old Farm Derby. And we're loving it.

2 - Fan-tastic Canaries - Imagine if our ground was well under half full for a match against the team second in the league? It's a good job Cardiff took a hardy bunch of supporters with them to Portman Road to take the crowd above 13,000. The natives are restless and you can only see the number of season ticket holders falling and attendances heading towards single figures. Meanwhile things aren't perfect in the stands at NR1, but they're a darn sight more positive.

3 - Daniel v Mick - Can you think how we would feel if our manager aimed a word at us which sounds a little bit like Daniel's surname? We all know the way McCarthy works. What you see is what you get. It's the way he's made. He has undoubtedly had a successful career and I have respect for his achievements over many years, often with limited resources. However, the fans I speak to want him out more than ever and that gesture after Sunday's goal could be the last straw.

MORE: Revealed - the City ace among Europe's top young talents4 - The owners - There's not a universal love-in for the City board. But on the whole they are pretty transparent and accessible. They talk to the fans and from time to time to the media. That's so different to the owner down the road who has his name on the shirt but remains a man of mystery.

5 - The feeling at the respective clubs - I readily admit the charge of ridiculously over celebrating the equaliser on Sunday. Those moments after the final whistle encapsulate where the two clubs are at the moment.

6 - We don't have to rely on the history books - I'd be interested to know how many Town fans in the away end on Sunday actually remember their team winning anything. We still hear about Wembley in 1978 and that UEFA Cup success (and they were brilliant achievements). At least we've got plenty of great moments to savour without having to dust off increasingly distant memories.

7 - We're heading in the right direction - Town are drifting towards their 17th consecutive season in the second tier. I know we will almost certainly be playing them again next term. At least I feel there's a strategy in place here and signs we could make further progression.

8 - We keep going and going - There's been lots of debate about City's fitness this season. Goals in the 89th minute v Fulham, 96th minute v Hull, 94th minute v Chelsea, 95th minute v Ipswich and 93rd minute v Wolves show me those double training sessions are working. Meanwhile, I have seen lots of desperate tweets from Town followers when they have thrown away more late points.

9 - Money, money, money - Town skipper Luke Chambers made a big thing about how much we've spent on transfers in recent years. Some fans have forgotten when they were waving £20 notes at City supporters in 2007. What goes around...

10 - We don't have to say Owwww naooowwwww - I couldn't resist ending with one more mention of that BBC Suffolk commentary after Klose's goal. Radio gold. OTBC

Such a kind gesture

Sometimes seemingly little things can mean a huge amount.

That was certainly the case thanks to one kind hearted City fan on Sunday.

My Mum - a City Stand season ticket holder - was enjoying her pre-match day bag of crisps when they slipped from her hand and ended up on the floor.

It wasn't the end of the world and she thought no more of it.

However, at half time a supporter who she had never met before came over and presented her with a gift.

'I saw you drop your crisps earlier, so thought I'd get you a replacement bag,' he said.

Messrs Klose and Hanley sent thousands of City fans happy after their finale heroics.

Yes, of course Mum was delighted we snatched a point from the jaws of defeat.

However, it was that simple act of kindness which really struck her after the match.

Thank you to whoever that was - and if you know the person please pass on our gratitude.

Shaping up to be a new hero

I've never made any secret that I love a 'proper' defender.

Duncan Forbes was at the heart of City's backline when I first started going to Carra.

I don't remember too many stepovers, dazzling runs or silky skills from him.

My early days as a Canary fan, however, saw me introduced to what it's fair to call no nonsense defending.

His job was to stop the opposition getting past him and prevent them scoring. He did it very effectively.

Over the years some of my favourite players - most notably Malky - have been cut from the same cloth.

Maybe I've got something for Scots, but I'm certainly falling more and more for Grant Hanley.

For me he was far and away the derby man of the match, even before that incredible late burst of energy to get to the byline and provide the cross for Klose.

Hanley does things beautifully simply and efficiently.

He's next season's captain for me.