Norfolk fall away to suffer a whitewash

Norfolk played Leicester in the final game of the round robin which gets the Johns Trophy under way, needing just six of the 22 points at stake.

With 15 ends gone they had them – but Leicester rallied to win on all rinks to claim a full house with a 161-107 scoreline.

Pat Clarke, Mary Watson, Sandra Curtis, Sue Curtis won on 11 of the 21 ends, were in front at 19 ends but were dropped a four on the 20th end and lost 23-25 to D Brown.

Anne Read, Janet Morton, Joyce Webster, Brenda Whitehead were in front on the 15th end, and level on the 18th end but ended 22-24 against K Fodger. Pam English, Jean Edwards, Mary Johnson, Jan Dearman led until the 18th end, only to crash 18-21 to J Irons. Diane Scales, Rita Basted, Janet Rose, Thelma Scarffe were 13-3 up at five ends, thanks to two fives, but lost 18-26 to K Kyle. Lilian Barber, Suzanne King, Jackie Devitt, Christine Webb were behind all the way, losing 16-28, while Linda Bennett, Ann James, Carol Neave, Jayne Roylance lost 37-10 to D Hurst.

Norfolk county play-offs at Carters BC:

Tomorrow. Rinks semi-finals: Jane Burrage, June Warnes, Barbara Wright, Beryl Payne (Gt Yarmouth) v Kay Hipperson, Carol Neave, Christine Webb, Jayne Roylance (Nth Walsham); Rebecca Carter, Brenda Schofield, Linda Bennett, Elaine Cole (Carters BC) v Anne Read, Jean Edwards, Joyce Webster, Brenda Whitehead (Norfolk BC). Pairs semi-final: Gill Hume, Mary Johnson (Diss) v TBC

Thursday. 2-wood singles: D Saunders (Shotford) v J Pearson (Freethorpe), J Morton (Marrams) v B Whitehead (Norfolk), A Chambers (Upwell) v J Shepherd (Thetford), D Wright (St Lawrence) v P Thorpe (Thetford). Unbadged Pairs: D Cook, M Tubby (Carters) v C Laskey, C Turner (Marrams); J Kirby, S Stacy (Acle) v L Brown, T Leighton (Gorleston). Coronation Triples: P Baker, J Webb, S Groombridge (Wymondham Dell) v A Melton, V Gibson, P Struthers (Thetford)

Most Read

Friday. 4-wood singles: D Nicholson (Martham) v J Devitt (Thetford) or T Scarffe (Hunstanton), S Stacy (Acle) v B Whitehead (Norfolk). Triples: C Turner, S Ealdon, K Hazelwood (Marrams) v J Stoves, S Rae, A James (Downham Mkt Cons); P Frost, D Ramm, S King (Fakenham Tn) v J Hearle, D Wright, L Quibell (St. Lawrence). Champton of Champions: C Laskey (Marrams) v J Kirby (Acle), Z Roberts (Acle) v S Groombridge (Wymondham Dell). Coronation Triples: D Adcock, M Gulliver, S Parsons (Connaught) v R Carter, L Bennett, E Cole (Carters). U25 Pairs Final (4.30pm): Anna Chalk (Munford), Rebecca Field (Norfolk) v Sophie Blanche (N Walsham), Jessica Ward (Martham).

Sunday at Wymondham Dell. Unbadged Singles: Sheila O'Hara (County Arts) v Rebecca Field (Norfolk), Ann White (Norfolk) v Claire Trett (County Arts). U25 Singles (4pm): Harriet Segasby (Norfolk) v Rebecca Carter (Carters),