Top tips on how to dribble the ball just like Canaries ace Onel!

Bure Valley Football Club Under 14s

Bure Valley Football Club Under 14s - Credit: Archant

Dribbling Challenge

Coach Sam Hiling Picture: John Hilling

Coach Sam Hiling Picture: John Hilling - Credit: Archant

This week’s session comes from Norfolk County FA Youth Council member and Bure Valley Under 14s coach Sam Hilling.

Dribbling is a key aspect of football because it is an important way of creating opportunities to score.

It is crucial that you have a passion and eagerness to get on the ball from a young age and have the opportunity to experiment.

Players like Onel Hernandez share this passion and as a result are exciting to watch play.

He uses quick turns to travel either side.

Being confident and comfortable using either foot makes it harder for players on the other team to predict where he is travelling.

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Furthermore, Onel keeps the ball under close control and uses his body to feint/trick, something Sam encourages you to try.

During these times without organised sport, Sam challenges you to take every opportunity to play with the ball, have lots of touches on both feet and develop a love and passion for the ball.

Practice skills and turns to become equally brilliant with both feet. Developing this part of your game will make it harder for the ball to be stolen from you. Be exciting and be creative!

Equipment required

Ball (any kind of ball!).

Cone (Any kind of marker: plant pots, socks etc).

Progressions to make it harder

Can you move the ball quicker?

Increase distance between cones or markers.

Session explanation

Begin by travelling to the other cone forward using side – to – side passes. Stop the ball with the sole of the foot at the cone or marker. Toe taps travelling backwards to where you started from.

Key coaching points

Keep the ball under close control at all times.

Try to become equally brilliant on both feet. How will this help you in a football match?

Top tips

Involve other people by having head to head races or relay races.

Think of other ways you can move with the ball.