Norfolk Bowling Club Ladies into quarter-finals

Norfolk Bowling Club Ladies are through to the quarter-finals of the Yetton Trophy after victory over Harpenden Bowling Club on a neutral ground at Ely.

Norfolk made a slow start and were losing by six shots at five ends and also at 10 ends. However, by 15 ends they had edged into the lead by two shots and by 18 ends were nine shots up, finally winning by 15 shots, 88-73.

They now face Cambridge Chesterton on Thursday, on a two rinks home and two rinks away basis.

Angie Palmer, Anne Read, Jean Edwards and Brenda Whitehead won 22-14 and Jackie Andrews, Louise Knights, Kay Carrick and Carol Pollington won 20-15. They were the last to finish and did not need to play the final end.

Pat Horstead, Sylvia Randall, Judith Phillips and Val Whitehead had a tough game and were 10 shots down before rallying to lose 23-18.

Jenny Moore, Linda Bennett, Liz Sabberton and Joyce Webster were 8-0 down at six ends. But a three on the seventh end saw them score well and levelling the score at 13-13 by the 14th end. They finally finished the match winning 28 shots to 21.