No sailing for Frostbites, Snowflakes or Rollesby

For the first time in 15 years' reporting I have to tell you that there was no sailing last Sunday, at any rate in the northern sector.

Frostbites turned up to see a mirror smooth river (after the rowers wash had dispersed) and their flags hanging vertically.

The postponement flag was raised at 10.40 and, 40 minutes later, the abandonment was signalled, and even that didn't raise a flutter, and everyone departed to dig the garden, walk the dogs, or watch the football.

Snowflakes were no luckier, but a little less pessimistic as they waited until after noon to call it a day.

Rollesby experienced the same, although I am told that five hardy souls went out for a scintillating drift round the broad, but no formal results have been forthcoming.