New bike propels Jeremy Goss all the way

My dictionary defines 'boneshaker' as 'an old fashioned bicycle without india-rubber tyres'.

Well, I've got a new definition: 'A state-of-the-art racing bike that's supposed to propel me all the way to Munich'.

Sleek and lightweight it may be, but it's taken me completely by surprise just how unforgiving it is on the parts of me that need all the help they can get as I continue training for my B-to-B adventure.

How the Victoria Pendletons and Chris Hoys of this world get on, I've no idea, but I'm certainly finding out the rock hard way what modern day cycling is all about on the pot-holed roads of Norfolk. It's not helped by a saddle more akin to a razor blade, which leaves even the more padded area of my anatomy screaming for a comfy cushion.

Meanwhile, the fundraising is going great guns – or maybe that should be Gunns after Bryan joined me and half a dozen other former City legends for a celebrity basketball match against the staff and students of Notre Dame High School the other day.

If he was a racehorse he'd be carrying a few pounds overweight let's say. But he managed to net a few impressive three pointers from distance! Shocked? Not as much as me – 5ft and not a lot - faced up to their 6ft 7in Peter Crouch look-a-like.

Still, I'm hugely grateful for their support, and the �500 raised for the NNAB. A great laugh on the night.

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