Neil Featherby: The run-walk debate has certainly got people going this week

Sportlink's Neil Featherby says that running is merely all about putting one foot in font of the oth

Sportlink's Neil Featherby says that running is merely all about putting one foot in font of the other. Picture: Archant - Credit: Copyright Archant Norfolk.

On the back of my column last week with regards to defining the difference between running and walking pace, I received a number of messages with mixed thoughts about this.

One former Norfolk superstar Steve Flint who ran for Thetford AC back in his day and broke the four-minute mile barrier whilst still only a junior athlete, said surely each person should make sure they have got themselves into the best shape possible before taking part in a race.

He also quoted the legend that is Steve Jones (1985 London Marathon winner and former World Marathon record holder) saying many have completed a marathon, but you can only say you have run one when you know you have run all the way.

Flinty's comments on my Facebook page did provoke a response for which he took them off saying to me later by private message that he was really just trying to get a debate going.

MORE: To walk or to run? It's all about putting one foot in front of the otherHowever, I wish he had left them on because it is great seeing how everyone has different opinions and in his case how an elite athlete looks at it.

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Where I was coming from was that in respect of the masses whose only aim is to take part in one of the many big city centre type races such as Run Norwich through to The London Marathon, when it is really all about getting to the finish line in the most efficient way possible, it just means putting one foot in front of the other.

Preparation is most definitely so important and if you are committed to a challenge then in truth you should only take it on if you know you have prepared well.

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Nevertheless, when it comes to these big mass running events, there will always be many, for whatever reason, that have not been able to get as many training miles in as perhaps they would have liked. However, they don't want to let their charities, families or friends down. Hence why I have told them to follow the run-walk plan.

Talking about completing a race or run in the most efficient way possible, how brilliant has it been to watch the Para World Athletics Championships on TV during the last week?

I must admit that at times I have been a little confused by some of the categories, but irrespective of this, I have been amazed and inspired by every single person taking part who are most definitely as dedicated as any of our elite athletes.

Local para triathlete and former world champion Iain Dawson is a good friend and I know how hard he works in training, never mind all the behind scenes stuff which has to be managed daily by him and his wife Gill.

The coverage of it has been fantastic as well on Channel 4.

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