Neil Featherby: Be brave as you can achieve more than you think

Out and about filming with Neil Featherby and his dogs running through the countryside near to his h

Maintaining your running hunger is key to achieving your goals, says Neil Featherby. Picture: Lee Blanchflower - Credit: Archant

After having a link from YouTube sent to me by local runner and one of my staff at Sportlink, Chris Mickleburgh, I knew within the first few moments of watching the 20-minute film clip that not only was I going to be hooked on to it, but it was also something I would end up writing about for my column this week. 

Without spoiling it too much for those who have not seen it, if you are serious about your running then definitely check it out. It does not matter what your ability is, if you want to be the best you can possibly be then you will most certainly resonate with this short running documentary which follows a journey of Irish athlete Conor Bradley and his coach Malcolm McCausland.   

It is quite clear from the start that both Conor and Malcolm are both very driven and 100 percent  dedicated to their causes. 

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They both talk about the sacrifices which need to be made to reach the top, but with quotes such as from Malcolm – “it’s not right, but to succeed you have to be obsessed with what you do” and “it’s a price you have to pay over and above those who don’t want to commit themselves in the same manner if you want to be the best you can be” really will strike a chord with those who have been there before. 

You can watch the film It Runs Deep below.

I am currently advising five athletes, but each one of them know how my mind works and at the same time I know how they think.  

Having clear and honest guidelines from the start is what makes a successful coach/athlete partnership as it really does require a lot of commitment from both parties particularly when long term goals are looking to be attained.  

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To quote Malcolm McCausland once again: “I have met more people who did not make the commitment and throw that dice looking for a six and that has now haunted them for the rest of their lives.”  

At the end of the day, we may not set the world alight, but we can all achieve far more than perhaps we think possible providing we are brave enough to go for it to save not looking back and thinking “if only”. 

If you really do want to be the best athlete/runner you can be, then this short but very powerful running film is a definite must watch and one which I am sure will add even more desire for you to get out there and achieve your goals after watching it. 

Talking of commitment and being the best you can be, young Under 13 Norfolk athlete Eva Barton, followed up her recent (April 5) 5mins 22secs road mile which ranks her number two in the country with another PB (5:12.9) just five days later and this time for 1500 metres at Lea Valley to take number one spot.  

However, and to add to both these super performances, last weekend she competed in the Birchfield Harriers Open meeting at the Pingles Stadium in Nuneaton where she took the silver medal in the Under 15s 1500 metres.  

Her father Scott, who is just as driven as any highly motivated athlete, said she really has worked hard during the winter months and in all weathers for which they are very much looking ahead to a good season with her next outing being at the Athletics Norfolk Open event on Friday, April 30.