National League relegation and promotion issues agreed

King's Lynn Town v Torquay

Fans were allowed back into The Walks for the game against Torquay earlier this season - but otherwise games have been played behind closed doors - Credit: Ian Burt

There will be no relegation from or promotion to the National League, football's fifth tier, this season, subject to agreement by the Football Association Council.

The National League decided last month to carry on despite concerns over funding caused by the continued absence of spectators from venues because of the coronavirus pandemic.

King's Lynn Town are one of those who have suffered most, with nine players placed on furlough in an attempt to cut costs. Dover are bottom of the table, having ceased to play fixtures - for which they have been charged by the FA. Taking relegation off the table helps Lynn, but the club will want to know what punishment Dover receive before they consider the question of bringing their season to a premature halt.

The National Leagues North and South have opted to terminate their seasons, although a number of clubs wanted to play on with with a mini-league. That controversial plan now looks to be over.

The FA's Alliance Committee announced on Friday that it supported the National League resolution, and that: "The 2020-21 season is declared null and void at Step 2 (the North and South leagues) with no promotion or relegation from Step 2 (or relegation from Step 1)."

A proposal from a group of Step 2 clubs to play on was rejected by the committee "in the interest of the integrity of the National League System".