Mulbarton’s Nick Dempsey: No plans to team up with wife on the water any time soon

Mulbarton windsurfer Nick Dempsey revealed his wife Sarah Ayton could be returning to sailing – although it is unlikely to be with him.

Ayton was one of the 'three blondes in a boat' who won gold in the Yngling class at the Athens and Beijing Games. The 32-year-old retired early last year in the midst of a 420 campaign with Saskia Clark, but now looks set for a return to the water.

There had been suggestions she could team up with partner Dempsey in the new mixed multihull class at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, where windsurfing has been dropped in favour of kiteboarding.

However, when asked whether he would team up with his wife, Dempsey said: 'Not if I can help it. I think that would end in tears. My tears.

'Sarah is really keen to sail again but I am really keen she stays my lovely housewife, but it will be her decision at the end of the day.

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'If she decides to sail, I will really support that but I am not keen to sail with my wife.'

Dempsey was coy when asked about his own future post-London 2012, only saying he would not retire after a lengthy pause in which he said under his breath 'how do I answer this one?'

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For now though, his attention is on racing in Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour at what will be his fourth Olympics.

Dempsey won bronze in Athens and believes he can get another podium finish this summer.

'I think I am as confident as I can be coming into the Olympic Games,' he said.

'It is never easy. If you win every event in the run-up, you still know that there is a lot that can go wrong.

'I suppose the biggest problem is trying to minimise the risk associated with competing at the Games.

'I know that if all goes well then I am in good shape and good enough to win, so I am cautiously confident and in a good place.'

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