Much sport to be had on beaches

SEA FISHING: It's been a similar story this week as there seems to be something worth a cast at on most of East Anglia's beaches right now.

Last week's predictions of early codling seem to have been a tad optimistic, though I note they figured in catches at Gorleston and Orford.

In the north of the patch mackerel and bass have been the main targets and both kayakers and beach rods have managed to find a few of each.

A mate rang to tell me he'd had some nice bass on the lure, his best a cracker at 6lb that grabbed the lure only a foot or two from the tideline, that's the way to get the most out of these great sport fish.

While the wind stays off the land there's a good chance the mackerel will hang on a bit from Sheringham to Cley and the plug anglers may get a few more tides worth of action, the same wind will put a nice colour in the water from Cromer down to Yarmouth for anglers using bait.

Whiting seem to be about on most of the beaches and this coloured water will keep them feeding, though the better fish are likely to show into dark.

There have still been a few small hounds around Yarmouth if you can keep a bait intended for them away from marauding whiting. Gorleston down to Lowestoft and it's more whiting to go with the 2lb codling from the wreck at Gorleston and chances of codling amongst the old sea wall debris of Lowestoft north beach.

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The south pier continues to produce whiting and smoothound pups with an occasional dogfish and it's a similar story round to Southwold. There have been one or two better bass around Aldeburgh and Orford reported with the whiting and dogfish and I would expect the next couple of weeks to produce a few more as these fish seem to be migrating again.

I still think Aldeburgh and Orford could produce an early codling as this wind is bound to have stirred some colour down there too.

The wind in the week ahead looks to give us another mixed bag and with a bit of luck we'll have more of the same with maybe a few more bass, here's hoping!