More to come as weather is set to change

SEA FISHING: According to the forecast we are going to get all four points of the compass wind-wise this week.

I do not think that is bad news and with a drop in the pressure, as long as you can fish safely, I think you will have a chance. Catches through the week have been disappointing in as much as I was hoping we would be seeing codling with a little more consistency by now. I know things can change in a tide, but I do think we should be seeing a few more than we have so far. The form beat has been the shingle ridge in north Norfolk, even producing a codling or two among the flats, whiting and pouts.

There seems to be a few flatties and whiting from Cley to Sheringham, with the chance of a bonus codling. David Overton managing three codling between a 1lb and 2lb 9oz in a super little session. It seems to be a little slower on the east Norfolk beaches from Cromer to Yarmouth.

Trimingham has produced whiting and flats and there have been a few whiting on most of the beaches, although there was little sign of any codling this week.

Anglers fishing off kayaks in Hopton bay have managed to find a few codling and whiting, a promising sign for sure. And with the forecast, there is bound to be a bit of sea on to bring them within casting range at one point or another this week.

Lowestoft north beach has produced a few small codling among the whiting, although it is the latter that are dominating catches right round the coast.

• Thirty two anglers fished the Aldeburgh pairs match sponsored by Angling Mad at Lowestoft.

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Surprisingly only one codling of 2lb 14oz was caught in the match, Jeff Stannard snaring the bonus fish and the heaviest round fish pot with it.

Lee and Mark Sherwood scooped top spot with a section win and a second. Jeff Stannard and Alan Doy were second with Wayne Perrin and Ian Guy third.

Pretty much anything could happen this week if the wind does what it should and most beaches will get a rough up. Let's hope it kick starts the winter season.