Lowestoft boss is prepared to take rough with the smooth at Crown Meadow

Ady Gallagher, manager of Lowestoft Town. Picture by Michael Sedgwick/Focus Images Ltd

Ady Gallagher, manager of Lowestoft Town. Picture by Michael Sedgwick/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Michael Sedgwick/Focus Images

Lowestoft Town boss Ady Gallagher is prepared to stake his reputation on helping get the Trawlerboys back on track.

The Blues, who are without a game today, released a statement this week highlighting the difficult financial circumstances they have been operating in for the past few seasons.

The club revealed that Gallagher is in charge of a budget that is 40 per cent less than the one that got them promoted in 2014. However, Gallagher insists he knew what he was getting himself into when taking sole charge and is determined to steady the ship at Crown Meadow.

'I love the club that much that I'm happy to stake my reputation and all the success I've had on it,' he said. 'It's easy to take over a ship in calm waters and I've had some really successful times here. But it's changed and we can't be judged on the standards that we set before - the finances have changed so much.

'The game has completely changed for us now. If we are always going to be judged by those standards then we are on a hiding to nothing. It's the most challenging time since I've been at the club but we need the fans to get behind the players - let's all fight together.'

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Gallagher hasn't been helped by the loss of both his youth and reserve teams as a result of ADE severing their partnership with the Blues. It left Gallagher with a reduced playing squad and without a first team player in Danny Crow, who has been suspended for his part in taking the academy set-up away from Crown Meadow.

'We knew we would have to reduce the budget again this year but we knew we had 17 players we could manage,' said Gallagher.

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'The plan was for the rest of the squad to be made up from the academy and the reserves. When the academy got pulled away it made it difficult because we haven't got budget for another two or three players. The chairman worked tirelessly to sort the academy but when it went, it just blew us out the water in terms of preparation for the season.'

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