Lower temperatures lead to reports of codling and whiting

Plummeting temperatures and a good old northerly blew away the last of the summer this week, heralding the start of autumn.

Looking back at the summer, it was an average year I think fish wise. We had some nice bass late in spring and early summer, though fish above about 3lb were not exactly common as the summer wore on. Not too many mackerel and only a few tides of smoothounds between the shingle and Yarmouth, capped by a superb 20lb+ Norfolk fish for Rob Allen. The hound pups hung around Yarmouth and there have been some nice sole from Orford up to Lowestoft – not a bad summer I suppose.

Attention now turns to the arrival of our winter fish, the first reports of whiting and codling are making the rounds with a few codling to 2lb reported from Orford. Most of the whiting so far have been pins but these will get bigger over the next few weeks.

We're all hopeful for a good run of cod this year, it's been a while since we had a really good run, going back through my records and the last concerted show was probably 2007/8.

I know we've had good fish for a week or two here and there since, but they seemed to hang about then and we had a spring run of nice fish.

The wind this week will shift things – it's the first proper blow and I reckon I'll be reporting whiting next week on the back of the winds.