Lots of whiting – and the cod are on their way

As predicted the whiting are showing in numbers now – unfortunately most are pin whiting with very few fish over the size limit.

The humble whiting is much maligned, but for me they herald the start of the winter season, the optimistically hoped-for run of lovely green-backed cod on cold cloudless nights, fantastic. It seems we're not quite ready to dispense with the summer species yet, though, so before I wax too lyrically about the cod and the cold, sole and bass are still showing, the former in good numbers south of Lowestoft.

There have been some cracking catches of sole with some anglers managing half a dozen fish, some at 30-40cm, a lovely plate filling size.

These have usually been reported with mixed bags of school bass, pout and whiting, so plenty of obliging fish to keep the rods moving.

In the north of the patch, Ritegear Tackle are running a series of Monday evening matches on the shingle. These events are aimed at all capabilities and are friendly events. Call the shop on 01263 838248.

William Amies fished Mundesley at the weekend for a couple of nice school bass, the best around 3½lb amongst the whiting. With most beaches offering some sort of action and little in the way of change in the weather forecast, I think this week will see more of the mixed bags, but get in quickly, the cod are coming.