LIVE OLYMPIC TORCH COVERAGE: All the colour of the relay as the torch goes from Lynn through South Wootton, Sandringham, West Rudham and East Rudham

Follow our torch relay coverage as it moves from Lynn through South Wooton, Sandringham, West Rudham and East Rudham and Fakenham

12:00 The torch is officially in Norfolk, so we're off as it gets up and running in South Gate, King's Lynn.

12.03 Crowds have lined the streets, the rain has cleared away and the torch heads down London Road, King's Lynn

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12.13 Apparently the free Coca-Cola (other fizzy drink brands available) being handed out in Lynn are proving very popular. The advice from our reporter Daisy Wallage is stay away for now if you are in a vehicle. It's very busy.

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12.19 Think it's safe to say Lynn are loving the torch. Our first picture has just dropped in so we'll have it online for you asap.

12.26 After it's finished in Lynn the torch will head to South Wooton then Sandringham, where they're having a bit of a party. If you fancy sending me your views or pictures then tweet me @david_powles or email

12.33 The torch is heading into North Lynn. Here's what one wag on twitter has made of that

'@I_Scott_Macleod Torch now heading into North Lynn, lets hope it doesnt get nicked...... #torchrelay'


12.38 We've moved into Lynn Sport now where hundreds of children are following behind as the torch does a lap of honour.

12.44 Just wondering how many times today I'll type the words torch and relay? We are still in Lynn where the kids are having a whale of a time. It's easy to be cynical about the torch (which I have been), especially when you realise that a - it spends a lot of time on a trailer and b - it's gas, like a cheating barbecue, but it's a great way to get people excited about the Olympic Games in just a few weeks time.

12.46 Starting to get a few pictures through. Check out our Storify Live Blog at

12.48 A message from our reporter Sophie Wylie 'Just under an hour until the Olympic Torch Relay comes through South Wootton. Bunting and Union flags are up along the route and traffic is moving well.'

12.56 As the torch continues to wind its way through Lynn, over in Aylsham, where the torch is set to land at about 5.25pm they are being entertained by singing star Samantha Coe.

13.02 The torch has now finished in Lynn and takes a break until starting at South Wooton at 1.30pm. BE WARNED we're expecting rain to be on the way.

13.06 Another note from reporter Sophie Wyllie: 'The rain has started to come down in South Wootton, but that has not put off dozens of children who have come to watch the Olympic Torch Relay.'

13.23 Good news - The rain has now stopped in South Wootton and people are lining the route excited about the torch relay. The torch is due to go through South Wootton from 1.48pm and at the moment it looks like it's on time.

13.48 We are now up and running in South Wootton, where I'm reliably informed hundreds, young and old, have turned out.

13.57 A little insight into the complications of covering such an event. Report Daisy Wallage and photographer Ian Burt have now finished in Lynn but head straight to Sandringham to pick up the torch there. While they do that reporter Sophie Wyllie and photographer Matthew Usher cover South Wootton. Once that is over they will leapfrog the torch and head to West and East Rudham. Once it reaches Fakenham a new team takes over, leapfrogging another. All this right through to Southwold tomorrow afternoon. It has been a big task sorting this one out.

14.06 There's no Queen I'm afraid but the torch has arrived at Sandringham to loud cheers.

14.18 We're a few hours away from the torch heading to Norwich and Cromer and already there's reports of crowds turning out. This has definitely captured the imagination of the Norfolk public. Here's what reporter Kathryn Bradley has to say: 'Crowds are already gathering in Cromer, more than two hours ahead of the torch arriving in the town. Spectators have brought their own chairs and are already securing the best vantage points near to Cromer Pier.'

14.21 Eddie Pleban joins the relay in Sandringham. Here's a story about him from earlier this year ...

A Norwich man is fighting for his life in a Dubai hospital after suffering a stroke on a flight home from a holiday in Australia.

'The plane was due to refuel in Dubai not long before dad had his stroke.'

Eddie Pleban and his wife Jeannie had been visiting their youngest daughter Sarah-Jane, 31, and their newest grandchild Charlotte in Perth on Australia's west coast.

But as their Royal Brunei Airlines flight neared Dubai for a refuelling stop late on Saturday night, Mr Pleban was taken seriously ill and has been in hospital in the country since.

It remains unclear when the manager for Diss-based Solo Housing – who has yet to regain full consciouness – will be able to return home.

But his daughter Louise Hamilton, from Woodton, south of Norwich, is hoping that her parents will soon be back on home soil.

Eddie and Jeanie Pleban and their children (left to right) John, Louise, Sarah and Lilousha.

She said: 'The plane was due to refuel in Dubai not long before dad had his stroke so they touched down there and luckily my cousin Stephen lives there so he has been able to support my mum.

'It happened very quickly on the plane but mum said the Royal Brunei crew and medical team were absolutely brilliant.'

Mrs Hamilton said her other brothers and sisters are at her father's bedside and they are waiting to hear if the holiday insurance will cover them for him to be flown home.

She added: 'He is doing as well as can be expected and we are hoping that in the next few days he will be able to fly home but the cost of that could be �40,000. We think their holiday insurance should cover that though.

'They have got a new specialist stroke unit at the Norfolk and Norwich so we want him to come back here.'

Mrs Hamilton, who has been unable to jet out to Dubai because she has a 20-month-old daughter and has not been able to leave her, added: 'I have been trying to sort things out at this end, like looking after their house in Norwich but if the decision is that he can't fly then I am going to have to go out there.'

Mr Pleban, 63, was born in Sunderland and had a 17-year career in the Merchant Navy before joining YMCA Norfolk as a catering manager.

He is a grandfather of six and has one other daughter, 39-year-old Lila, and a son, John, who is 38 and followed in his father's footsteps to be based in Gibraltar with the Royal Navy.

Mr Pleban spent 26 years with YMCA Norfolk, finally as head of housing services, until he was made redundant last year.

It was at this point that Mrs Hamilton set up a Facebook group for people to tell her father of their appreciation of his work over the years.

This group has now been flooded with get-well tributes, particularly from The Norwich and Norfolk Christian Community that the Mr and Mrs Pleban are involved with.

To join Mrs Hamilton's Facebook group, search for the group 'I Love Eddie Pleban'.

Thankfully he's made an amazing recovery

14.27 So many people in Sandringham. Those who got their moment with the torch are now busy posing for pictures with their friends and family. If that's you, make sure you send them to us using our new iwitnes24 service at

14.39 We're done in Sandringham and the torch is on the back of a van heading for the Rudhams - East and West.

14.59 We must be a bit behind because we haven't started in East and West Rudham yet - but were meant to at 14.54. Another message from a reporter - Adam Lazzari: 'I have never seen Fakenham as busy and there are people several deep all the way along the route. Everyone in Fakenham must be here.' Everyone in Fakenham - a scary thought!

15.05 Just finished in the Rudhams. Great crowds there and the population of the villages must have been multiplied by several fold. Loads of Union Flags being waved and superb atmosphere,

Now off to Fakenham - where the numbers are getting bigger and bigger and bigger...

15.09 Phew! I'm struggling to keep up here! This is the end of commentary for this part of the route. The torch is on its way to Fakenham, I'm having a can of fizzy pop and a kit-kat (other chocolate bars available) before resuming commentary from Fakenham.

15.14 Well done to EDP reporter Sophie Wyllie for running alongside the torch in the Rudhams - although she was a bit out of puff when she called in...she said the villages were buzzing. John Beardsworth, 26, from Norwich ran the last part of the leg and said: 'I'm over the moon.'

15.38 Wow! What an amazing turnout in Fakenham. Thousands of people lined the route. Houses were decked in Union Flags, people of all ages clapped and cheered and waved balloons and streamers. The second lady on the leg skipped all the way round! Surely the happiest bearer of the day.

Now off to Holt....

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