Linnets plan FA protest

King's Lynn chairman Ken Bobbins pledged to fight the FA yesterday over their shock plans to transfer the club to the Northern Premier for the 2007/08 season.


King's Lynn chairman Ken Bobbins pledged to fight the FA yesterday over their shock plans to transfer the club to the Northern Premier for the 2007/08 season.

Bobbins confirmed Lynn are on standby to replace Scarborough if the crisis club fail to win a stay of execution at the High Court on Tuesday.

Scarborough officials released a statement yesterday confirming the former football league outfit faces liquidation after the local borough council rejected plans to re-locate to a proposed new stadium.

Bobbins received the bombshell news following a meeting between FA and Southern, Ryman and Northern feeder league representatives.

“This is a bolt out of the blue,” he said. “I couldn't believe it. I was completely taken aback. A chap at the FA called Mike Appleby called to inform me there is a possibility Scarborough could go out of existence next Tuesday. After a meeting with the three feeder leagues it was been decided King's Lynn will take their place, if that happens. I didn't even know there was a meeting, which I found quite astounding.

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“You imagine at this late stage the leagues should be set in stone. Clearly they are not. It sounds like a fait accompli but we will fight every inch to get out of this one. Our ultimate saviour is if Scarborough don't go out of existence, but I don't hold out much hope on that one.

“This has come a major shock as we've been merrily going along recruiting southern based players. I have verbally protested to the FA and we will be going back to them on Monday after we've had a chance to put a more concise protest in place.”

Bobbins revealed Lynn have no right of appeal regarding the final outcome.

“Mr Appleby assured me that is the case,” said Bobbins. “The FA will make a ruling on the advice of the feeder leagues. Given they have already met and put our name forward it would appear pretty conclusive to me. We will be contacting the Southern League for a complete breakdown of the process and how it was decided that we should get the bullet.”

Bobbins will cite Corby Town as a clear precedent in any concerted protest after the relegated Steelmen earned a Southern Premier reprieve for the new season.

“That is the one thing that really baffles me in all this,” he said. “Because of a merger higher up the pyramid Corby were saved from relegation. Why can't they do the same with one of the northern premier sides if Scarborough do go to the wall? Aside from that, teams such as Halesowen and Bromsgrove are just as equally well placed geographically. I find it very strange.”

Bobbins admitted Lynn's impending return to the Northern set up for the first time since 1983 had major repercussions for Keith Webb's team building plans.

“Keith is dismayed - as we all are,” he said. “Along with Lee (Glover) they have been working on getting a squad capable of winning the Southern League. This now raises serious questions over the likes of Jason Turner, Matt Nolan and even the young lad Joe Francis who is in the process of joining us. I just don't know how those lads will feel about moving into a different league. It would be a complete step into the unknown for us. We have no idea about the strengths of the northern-based teams.”