Liam Walsh wants the sweet taste of success

Liam Walsh is back in action this weekend.

Liam Walsh is back in action this weekend. - Credit: Archant

Liam Walsh returns to the ring this weekend - looking forward to something short and sweet.

Victory over would Joe Murray at The Copperbox on London's Olympic Park would be sweet - and the shorter the better. But it's what comes on Sunday that has the Cromer man licking his lips.

'Cake,' he says without hesitation. 'I do love sweet food. It's been weeks since I have had something nice so I can't wait. I go around my uncle's and aunt's, not during camp, so I am booked in there on Sunday - cake, roast dinner the lot.

'It has been hard, I am not going to lie, because I haven't boxed at this weight for two years so it has been harder than I expected, but it is weight, that's all. Plenty of fighters have struggled more than me so I am fine, good.

'I will have a few days after the fight where I will enjoy the food, but then I am starting a new diet regime whereby even outside camp I will be strict dieting. I am going to give it a few days after my fight before I start. I have really been educating myself on it in the last few weeks – it's crazy the foods that are bad for you that profess to be good for you.'

Before the short and sweet comes Saturday's trip to a venue hosting boxing for the first time, when Walsh's Commonwealth super-featherweight title will be on the line.

The intrigue behind the fight are the coincidences: both men have perfect 14-0 records, both have brothers in the fight game - Walsh, 27, has twin Ryan and older brother Michael, while Murray, 26, has sibling John.

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And while John will be in the Murray corner, Walsh's camp will include Jon Thaxton. The link? John Murray was the last man Thaxton faced in the ring, four years ago.

Somewhere along the line, something has to give. Walsh is adamant is won't be his corner.

'I am giving nothing, no ground, nothing,' he said. 'But I am sure he thinks the same way and we will find out on Saturday.

'I know it will be a good fight - it is the best opponent I have fought, technically, and that is what it comes down to. It doesn't matter who is the strongest, the roughest, the toughest, it depends how technically good you are and he is technically good, so it is going to be a good fight.

'With the rivalry it will be nice to level the score up for Jon.'

Thaxton is a former British and European lightweight champion, a veteran of 45 fights and now working alongside trainer Graham Everett at the Kickstop Gymn in Norwich where his experience is rubbing off on the local stable.

'When someone has been there and done it like Jon, I have nothing but respect for him, obviously,' added Walsh. 'He has a lot of wise advice. He has taught us a lot. He's only been training with us for a year or two, but he has brought a lot of new techniques which have been very helpful and I thank him for that.'